Most expensive mints I've ever bought

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  1. A friend of mine was supposed to pick up 4 mints that supposedly had acid on them. Wasted 32 bucks and a whole day for regular mints. Just wanted to share.
  2. Gutted bro. that sucks.

    My advice: Don't buy acid unless its in blotter or microdot form.
    You just got fucked in the ass.

    I knew a guy who bought a box of graham crackers and drove around all day selling them for 10 each, he made like 90 bucks..

    Just learn from your mistakes :( sorry
  3. LSD is like the best thing ever. But at the same time its the thing that you're most likely to get screwed on. It's probably one of the most disappointing things in the world to have a night all set up for some lsd fun and then come an hour later to find you got nothing.
  4. One time a friend of mine put down 100 bone for what was supposed to be 10 hits on some sweettarts. That shit was noooo goood tho huge waste. My friend eventually took 3 and felt very mild, effects
  5. that sucks, i feel your pain

    i once spent 70 dollars on 7 hits of what was supposed to be good acid, even looked legit

    i ended up taking all 7 hits and i felt mild effects (like mild morning glory type effects) for a total of 1.5 hours, lame
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    damn brooo that blows. My friend is supposed to be getting a sheet sometime today. I cant wait, we are gonna be border-line insanity trippin. (like 4 or 5 hits)

    EDIT: to make this a bit more on topic, I hope we dont get beat. that would be a good $400 or so dollars down the drain :/
  7. I knew some guy that used to sell sweettarts to younger kids as LSD for 15$ a pop. They thought it was a good deal and always bought like 100$ worth. He used to make madddd money doing it until he started to feel bad lol

  8. To all the others too. If someone sold me acid and it turned out not to be acid, soon, very soon they would have a bloody FACE.

  9. Hhahah thats probably one of the easiest ways to make money. If anything, they go for $10 a pop here. I hear that the sweettarts that come over here are weaker than the papers. Still, id much rather go with blotter paper than sweettarts.

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