Most epic thing youve seen done while baked.

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  1. So last night my parents decided to leave to see a movie and dinner. So i have some friends over and we roll a couple joints and take hits out of my friends mini hookah and everything is going well. We decide to roll up 1 more joint for the walk to another friends house. With weed grinder lighter papers all that on the table, my parents walk through the front door. I freak out and go comfront then to see why they were home so early and when we all walk back to the kitchen everything is back to normal with no evidence on the table. We quickly leave my house where i realize my one friend grabbed 2 bags,3 lighters,visine,grinder and papers in about 2.4 seconds and that was probobly the most epic thing ive seen done. I thought i was going to be caught for sure.
  2. i thought u ment epic. thats normal stoner reactions, or atleast it is for me an my group.

    i dont do much when im high but im going to start doing things instead of going to sleep,lol. theres notihng to do around here tho. i usually go on some kind of adventure tho. when i want to go on some kind of adventure i call a certain friend. if i just want to chill at home i call a different one.

    most epic thing i have done high is take apart a custom wheelchair and put it in the back seat of a car in like 3.5 seconds. and no, its not foldable. have to take everytihng off of it to fit it in the car.
  3. Me and 2 of my friends had just got done blazing in my room, blowing the smoke out my window.We were smokin a cig, and one finished his before I did, and flicked it out. Well it ended up getting stuck in the windowsill (Thank God the cherry got knocked off and it was just the butt!) but anyway I flicked mine from about 10 feet away from the window. It hits the other butt, knocks them both out the window. Not as epic as yours but I thought it was pretty sweet :smoking:
  4. switch from american style to chinese paddle holding style in png pong and play ten x better. than start running around the ping pong table while smashing the ball and make a complete circle with my buddy without messing up
  5. I saw a homeless guy try to smash a parking meter with a rock.

  6. i saw watchmen... while really high :smoking: it was epic :eek:
  7. me and my friend are walking from my dealers house, and we see my other friends, who are all ecstasy fiends, driving their volkswagen van 60 MPH THROUGH A PARKING LOT , BUMPING TECHNO HELLA FUCKING LOUD, an then they try and take a sharp turn and the van TIPS over cause theres too many people in the car. noone was hurt but it was EPIC FAIL.

    me an my friend were on the ground laughing for 10mins striaght

  8. hahaha i def wouldve laughed for mad long too if i saw someone do that
  9. Me too. I need to stop going to bed so early when I'm at my usual smoking spot. I have good reason. If the cops come, I can just be like "Nappin'!" then the cops will leave. It's a good alibi, just tell the cops you were "nappin." It'll work, trust me :D.
  10. omg this one day me and some friends were blazin at this skatepark by my house. Out of fucking nowhere this old ass lady smacks the fuckin shit outa this phone pole. fuckin wires fell down on the ground and were sparkin like crazy. we waited like 10 minutes an realized the old lady didnt come out. she was sittin in the car staring at nothing. we thot she was dead so we called an ambulance. the ambulence came along with fuckin 6 cops. i was outa the zone in a matter of seconds. btw the old bitch was fine
  11. Last summer me and my buddy were hangin' out and went to get a pop from this drink machine. So he puts in 4 quarters, then realizes they didn't have sprite. So he presses the coin return button;

    So the text display shows ".25, 17,16,15,14,13,12, Hello" And then spits out two dimes and a nickel.

    We just looked at eachother like.. OMGWTFLMAO and burst out laughing. It actually counted down... not showed them all at once.

    Hard explaining that one to the store owner.

  12. Same as me but there was a quarter ounce on my table as well as blunt wraps, grinder, bong, all of that shit but more. It was stressful as a bitch but my friends are spectacular when they're baked.
  13. I saw a man get killed. I'm not sure if that's 'epic' or 'tragic'.
  14. haha, 2 things.

    one time me and my buddy and a girl were all blazed and walking down this quiet street. we see a midget couple walking towards a car. none of us say anything and just observe. them my buddy yells at 'WAIT...ARE THOSE MIDGETS?' we looked at him to tell him to shut up while chuckling...and the midgets got into their specially designed midget car and drove away...we had a good laugh after

    another time there was a parked car with a building right in front of it. these gangster kids from the town over were all sitting in the car bumping loud rap music and me and my buddy were just blazed up talking and looking at them. for some reason with the loud rap music bumping and the car in park the guy starts pushing down on the accelerator really hard and the wheels and turning like crazy without the car moving. well next he went to put the car in reverse and back out but instead he put it in drive and drove SUPER FAST into the building that was like 3 feet in front of the car. the car got royally fucked up. a girl pops out of the back seat after this most ridiculous accident i have ever seen and is on her cell phone and just continues talking like nothing ever happened and just walks away unreactive.
  15. I got to see someone flung from a motorcycle with no helmet. far worse than seein the remains was hearing the girl's friend screaming.

    driver tried to run a yellow light, and hit a car making a left turn at that same light

  16. ...buzzkill
  17. see you actually have friends that care about your well-being with authority figures....mine on the other hand....:poke:
  18. for real, they closed down the road and everything. Couldn't get to burger king for my munchies :(:(

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    saw dark knight very baked. One of my favourite movies now.

    But in terms of what I've seen done, this one time my bro and I just blazed and we were hungry, so he just started making a mini pizza from scratch. He was completely making it up on the spot. What we did was we had a piece of flatbread, and he covered that in some tomatoe sauce. Then we had some pepporoni in the fridge (I think he did plan this a little ;)) and he put some of that on there, and then grated a shit load of cheeze on it, and put it in the toaster oven for about 3 minutes till everything was melted and hot. It actually tasted like a ridiculously good pizza, cuz I made my own as well :p

    I dunno, I guess thats it. I may come back to this one :)

  20. LMFAO.... omg I would have straight up DIED laughing if that rly happened to me! :smoking::smoking::hello:

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