most epic stoner food

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  1. so this thread is to tell your most favorite meal you've had while high

    mine is when i smoked some medical dank and went to olive garden and feasted especially on there salad lol

    when i was in nyc and i smoked some really dank bud and went and feasted at republic[ its a thai food restraunt]
  2. Buffalo chicken subs with ranch dressing and lettuce...shit is fuckin BOMB!!
  3. I'm a big fan of this.

  4. Mine is sort of odd but I was really high, I usually try to avoid eating until my peak has come and gone, but I didn't. I ate a bowl of life cereal that seemed to go on forever and I anticipated each bite, idk what is was but it was amazin.
  5. buffalo chicken and bacon pizza with some cheesy garlic bread...
    nothing can come close to that except maybe sushi or a chinese buffet lmao
  6. Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Lucky Charms.... seriously try it...
  7. lol im gonna make sure i never look at this thread when im sober now and all its doin is makin me fuckin hungry lol...i can only imagine when i baked hahah
  8. muhfuckin steak. of course
  9. The first weed party I went to I got a jar of peanut butter and added in Fruit Loops, sprinkles and Spanish Rice.

    It was actually pretty dank :bongin:
  10. best munchie food ever is munchies, bottom line.
    the name isn't a coincidence, it was so created with stoners in mind.
    it's got a little bit of everything in it, all conveniently in one bag so you don't leave the grocery store with fifty bags of snack food and you can still have a little taste of everything : )

  11. My sister now gets this cereal that is basically Coco Puffs and the marshmellows from Lucky Charms together. Honest to god, it was the best thing I've tasted in years
  12. My and a buddy blazed some dank chonic and then went to Jack in the Box and ordered Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburgers, Large curly fires and Root Beers. After returning to the house we then sat on the most comfortable couches and bit into said bacon burger. Then we continued by adding a curly fry into our already full mouth and euphoia happened! We both can confirm that the flavor explosions that would happen in our mouth sent us into alternate dimensions. The ozzy cheese dripping out of the burger would drip into our mouth and hit our tounges like an acid tablet instantly sending us into the past. :smoking:
  13. Bagle bites with hot sauce all over them with a glass of Hawaian Punch and a bagel with cream cheese on it
  14. stoner pb&j's:
    make two pieces of toast. generously butter both sides. slather on the pb&j. enjoy.
  15. im totally down with oreos.

    oddly enough i love to go to pick n save and get either a seafood salad or a fruit parfait. i know sounds gay but the parfait has rasberries, blackberries (huge blackberries), blue berries and strawberries. my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
  16. Pancakes with peanut butter and syrup on them and make a sandwich out of it.
  17. Ya, I;m there, time to get some food!!!
  18. for some reason i never like sweet things when im baked..its kinda weird
    i always end up getting some type of fast food.
    lol just the other day i got stoned out of my mind with some friends than got picked up by my mom, sister, and brother and went to this brazillian meat buffet thing. its called fogo de chow or something. it was dankkk i had like 8 pounds of meat that day.
  19. sandwich meat+ cheese+ bread+ fry sandwich on frying pan.= wow, this amazing taste doesnt match how fast it took to make this

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