most entertaining/twisted site ever?

Discussion in 'Television/Internet TV/VOD/DVD' started by bone53, May 26, 2010.

  1. i would first like to announce that this is my first post of any kind on last night i was stoned as usual, googling and what not, and came across The Real Faces of Death Pictures and Videos. this website has given me a different perspective on life. i don't know if this is a well known site or what, but it's like rotten, those most shocking shows, and toxicjunction all tossed into one plethora of sin. i am in a love hate relationship with this site:p:confused::eek:
  2. This site is nasty.
    and people will hate me for breaking rules 1 & 2 but 4 chan will desensitize you in no time
    also there's some site like the one you posted but its russian...just google 3 guys 1 hammer and you'll find it pretty quickly

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