Most embarrassing moment EVER

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by infinityplus1, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Blades, I don't know who else to share this with and I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for, I just have to get this off of my chest.
    The other night the most embarrassing thing happened to me. I was hanging out with some friends (my ex included). I was the only girl there, which is nothing new to me. We were all drinking quite a bit and I had put down 6 or 7 drinks already. It was a nice night so we were outside enjoying some fresh air. I had to go pee, but kept holding it in because I didn't want to 'break the seal'. Well after a while I just couldn't take it anymore. I ran into the house and accidentally pissed my pants. I bawled my panties up and threw them in my purse and went commando, but I'm pretty sure that even with dark wash jeans, it looked apparent that I was soaked. I ran out to my car in hopes of finding something to change into, but completely forgot that I recently cleaned my car out. I ditched my wet underwear, sprayed some perfume all over, sat on a towel, and called my best girlfriend to help me calm down. I contemplated just leaving, but figured that would look suspicious. After a while I went back inside to find everyone just chilling out in a circle. There was one open seat on the other side of my ex so I walked past him with my back to him in hopes that if he noticed he wouldn't say anything. Well luckily nor him or anyone else said anything. They asked where I was and I told the truth, that I was on the phone. Then things went back to normal.
    I don't know if anyone noticed or not because nobody said anything about it, but I'm still so embarrassed and can't believe that this actually happened. I haven't pissed myself since I was a little kid.
  2. At least it was just pee, if you would've shitted on yourself you would've had to go home lol.
  3. at least you didn't shit yourself
  4. I think I got a boner reading this story...

  5. Where you at my house last night?!

    I swear this just happened to some girl here hahaha, she even used that term "I don't wanna break the seal" .

  6. I guess that would have been alittle more embarrassing considering the opposite sex was there. But still, its not THAT embarrassing.
  7. Idk if im wrog or what,

    But isn't it way more difficult for a female to hold their piss than a male? If its true, then I guess its really not that emvarassing.

    Kinda honorable if you think about it, you sacrificed your panties to keep the hotbox going. I commend you for your bravery!
  8. Sorry,
    Don't think that was me.

    I wouldn't know if it's more difficult or not, but I'm assuming it is.
    Not to mention dudes can just whip it out and go wherever they please.

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