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most efficient way to use weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenbliss, Feb 22, 2009.

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    So I was wondering if anyone knew what the most efficient way to use weed is (in other words the method of consuming weed that has the highest ratio for how high you are compared to how much used). Im seem to be spending and using up weed alot more lately and I wanted to see what others ideas were so I could save money (Im almost compelety broke). From past expeirence from me it seems to be a gravity bong would you agree, or am I wrong? If I am wrong, what is it in your opinion?
    Alot of people are saying eating or vaporizing, both of which I dont want to do. so what is the best other than those methods?

  2. id say vaporizing and edibles are probably the most effective.
  3. vapes bongs and brownies.
    hands down sucka!

    edibles take a lot of bud to make but it's worth it in the end
    bongs eat weed like michael moore eats republicans
    so i'd say your best bet is vaping
    you can even go through some really complicated process which i forgot and re-use your brown vaped bud later to get like the CBD and shit out of it
  4. I know alot of you will say Im crazy but I actually like vaporizer highs less. And I know you said bongs use up alot of weed, but if the amount of weed it uses up is more, it could still be more efficient if it gets you higher by a factor (multiplication) higher than the factor it uses more weed by.
  5. my personal opinion is honey hash. honey hash isn't for everyone, but vaporizing is. i'm just really into the honey hash, i mean it's the most efficient way about everything to do with cannabis. you're keeping small amounts, which is easier to hide and is logically undetectable by search dogs. potency is supreme obviously, which frees up time but might be contradictory to some cannabis users who enjoy the experience of smoking the plant. it's just a much more refined way about using cannabis. as for the vaporizing, it's very efficient as well and much better for the lungs.
  6. Smoking is the least efficient methods because you are destroying some THC in the combustion process.
    Vaporizing, while healthier, isn't proven to be more efficient in THC extraction however after vaporized the remaining weed can be used for edibles or QWISO hash.
    Edibles, I would say, is the most efficient method of taking advantage of cannabis is edibles. The process is a little humdrum and many people just don't want to take the time. If that's the case for you I'd say vaporizing is the best.
  7. and they do
  8. Eating is very inefficient since alot of it is wasted by your digestive system.

    It's a toss-up between bonging and vaporizing. Vape for a more clear and head high. Bong for a more wasted high.

    You can get a bong almost as efficient as a vape by covering the bowl between hits so the smoke doesn't escape. I use a piece of glass for a perfect seal.

    Joints/blunts are about half as efficient from my medical experience. This is mostly due to the smoke escaping while it burns.
  9. Vaping or one hitters out of a spoon or chillum are most efficient
  10. definitely edibles. they're not even hard to make, just whip up a couple firecrackers. they don't taste half bad either! you get really high and you dont need that much weed, just .5-1 gram of weed. is it really that much? no, considering the high you get off it is better than the one you'd get from smoking that much.
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  11. compared to what? I know a joint will take a lot more weed for me to roll up than a bowl in my bong and the bowl will hit me harder.

    completely offtopic: the back of my mouth just tasted like I took a hit even though I haven't smoked since friday
  12. right and right but as for the bong u can load a small enough bowl so that its a one hit clear,do that along with "chicago style" (do another 2 or 3 hits or however many u can without exhaling at all) that should b the most conservative way.
  13. iv just always felt its my bong and gravity bong that get me much higher than anything else for the same amount of weed. only thing i havent tried is an expensive vape which i hear are very efficient
  14. Vaping. Even though you might be against the whole sucking out of a lightbulb thing, it DEFINITELY conserves bud. If you absolutely don't want to make yourself a vape, then smoke out of a pipe and make sure not to torch the whole bowl. Only torch what you need so only a little bit is wasted after you take the hit. Smoking out of a bong will usually burn alot of the bowl and will keep smoking for a long time after you take a hit.

    Pipes are the second best alternative to conserving weed if you don't want to vape.
  15. huh, thats wierd thats actually why I wrote this thread, because I have been using pipes for almost all of the times I have smoked in the past few months, and I have been going through more weed than I like to.
  16. Then make a fucking vape. It takes like 10 minutes at the most and costs less than a fucking dollar.

    Go to dollar general and buy a clear lightbulb for a buck. Take a normal-sized bottle cap and drill one big hole and one small one. Take a pen's outer tube and stick it through the big hole. Put tape around the tube so there aren't any gaps and screw the cap on the bulb that you've cleared out. Voila, a lightbulb vape.
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    Gravity or waterfall bong. More efficient than a bong/pipe/joint but less than edibles/vape/dense hash.

    Forgot the part where you should clean it, you cant see all the chemicals, and they use a chemical to treat the glass to not turn black when it gets too hot. So you have to clean it no matter the bulb.

  18. I dont like vaporizer highs. I like a body high and feeling compleltey fucked up. Not gonna happen with a vape.
  19. I was just talking about this with a friend tonight and we both love vaping because it gives us incredible body highs.
  20. So I guess no one thinks blunts are the most efficient?

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