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  1. I want to make the most of a 20' x 8'6" Shipping Container and I'm trying to figure out how many plants I could grow in it.

    Here are the specs I've come up with so far.

    Open System

    \t* 20' x 8'6" Shipping Container
    \t* Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic System
    \t* 8 Light Timer Panel 50 Amps/240 Volt
    \t* 6-8 1000w HPS/MH Dimmable BC Ballast light systems
    \t* SilverStar 8" Air cooled Reflector
    \t* Light Movers
    \t* Vortex 8" Fan
    \t* Carbon air filter
    \t* 2 Air King 16" Wallmount Fans
    \t* Grozone TV1 Day / Night fan speed controller
    \t* Sunblaster T5 fluorescent fixtures
    \t* NutraDip TriMeter CMS202

    Closed System

    \t* A/C unite
    \t* CO2 generator
    \t* CO2 controller
    \t* Bat wing reflector
  2. The number of plants is determined by how big you want them to be.

    I have 2 rooms with a grow area of 12' x 12' each and grow 20 plants under 4-1000 watt lights each. This has proven to be the optimal number for me.

    They end up roughly 4' to 5' tall and pretty well completely fill the horizontal space of the rooms. They usually spend less than 2 weeks in veg in these rooms and bud for 6 weeks after light change and average 5 lbs per harvest with no CO2 added
  3. You only bud 6 weeks?What a waste.

  4. You can put 6-12 plants easily per lamp.Depending on veg time,and how you train you plants.Topped or big colas ect.
  5. I grow a 6 week strain and they are completely finished at 6 weeks
  6. If you are trying to be efficient use 600 HPS. I've read numourous book and either Ed Rothensals or Jorge Cervantes proved that 600 w are the most efficient. It had a chart breaking everything down per wattage. I still decided 1000 for my grow. You may also need additional exhaust fans .

  7. 1000w BC Ballasts are dimmable to 750w and 500w.
  8. [quote name='"sneakerpimp"']

    1000w BC Ballasts are dimmable to 750w and 500w.[/quote]

    That's us not that same. Most people never even touch the dimmable option. I could care less what he runs as long as he's happy, but it we ate talking the most effecient then 600 are the ticket.

  9. 750w seems efficient to me.
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    cooling 6000-8000w in a metal container is going to be a freakin nightmare. even worse that you want to use 1k lights instead of 600w. 5-600 watters will put out temps through the duct at over 100 degrees. that with em pulling in 75 degree air. that means the hoods themselves, at least the last one, is 100 degrees. you have six lights emitting that kind of radiant heat... an a/c is not the answer. it is much more efficient to chill air with water than it is to chill air with air.

    add light chillers to your list. a 1hp chiller will chill 3k. so you will need two minimum. they run 1100 each. and then you will need 7-9 ice boxes. thats another grand plus. then a big enough rez. 300. then the plumbing and fans. 700. then a pump or two. 300. you are looking at 5 grand.

    or you can build it out yourself for less than three grand. i just so happened to have finished a light chiller setup the other day and am shamelessly plugging the diy thread that i have been using to post in. i will put you a link to my price list. running 600 watters. the cheapest prices i could find online for not building it are also listed. it works very well.

  11. Thanks man. I will reduce the number of lights.

    The 6" Ice Box Heat Exchanger seems like an option as well.
    6" Ice Box Heat Exchanger

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