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Most effective way to smoked wax without a rig?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by BongRippaJack, May 4, 2013.

  1. I bought a gram of some good wax and I dont have my own rig yet. What is the most effective way to smoke it? I know I could just put it on some weed in a bowl but is there any other more effective ways to smoke wax?
  2. other than on top of a bowl idk, make a homemade rig, idk if you can i really dont know what a rig is, i smoked wax once and put it on top of the bowl
  3. hot knives.
  4. ^ that works
  5. Knife hits all the way
  6. I was always a fan of using the cigarette lighter from a car, a paperclip as a dabber and the top part of a plastic bottle as a funnel. Worked like a charm.
  7. Smoking wax without a rig
  8. Swim bought a gram of dank wax and didn't have a rig and his vaporizer pen was only for smoking dry herb, so he tried to use the hot knife method and hot very little smoke production and was kinda difficult. He didn't have and trees so smoke it on so he just rolled the tobacco out of a cigarette and put little peaces of wax throughout the splif as he rolled it and it worked out really well. Swim recommends this to anyone who smokes cigarettes and has no wax rig :D
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    idk why the wax black lol i think its the flash
  10. get like a $30 vape pen off ebay, they dont completely suck for concentrates but wont cost $100+
    By Swim you mean Michael Phelps?
  12. if you don't have a gpen or something of the sort just throw it in your bong bowl. not as good as dabbing but if that's not an option what are you gonna do
  13. Leave in the freezer and break off a hunk, do it fast cuz it gets sticky fast lol. I then just drop it in a bowl and spark. Little wax goes a long way
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    Hot knives are a terrible suggestion, you like smoking chromium? what are we in the 90's?
    Just put it on a bowl and slowly hover the lighter over it while inhaling slightly to melt the oil into the weed and then smoke it. dont just take a lighter to it and go balls out, melt it into the herb first its way more effective
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    We know it's you man :wave: , we all know.
    Welcome to the City, where everyone can be themselves and not try and pretend they are at public pool.
  17. Imo, putting it on top of a bowls a waste. I smoked two grams on top of a bowl of herb and got faded, over a couple days of course.

    I took the other five grams, broke a dot sized piece off, dabbed and went to mental fuck heaven.

    I was soooo disapointed that id wasted 2 grams smoking it.

    I smoked the other 5 grams every day for a month and dont remember that month at all.....
  18. I meant dabbed the other 5 grams but cant edit
  19. The method I used when I had no no rig or any weed to heat my oil or wax into was kind of like hot knifing but better in my opinion. If you have a butane torch somewhere around your house and have a glass chillum or a oney/small sized glass bowl attachment and a needle you'll be set. Preferably use higher quality glass, cheap glass cracks under heat pretty easy sometimes. I use the oney attachment that came with my helix bowl set and have had no problems. This method broke my cheap chillum though. Just use the torch to heat up half of the bowl area until it gets red hot. Let it cool down a little bit so you dont straight up destroy the cannabinoids in the oil/wax. Then touch what you're trying to smoke to the inside of the oney/bowl area you just heated up with your needle or dabber. Start inhaling slightly before you touch what your dabbing so it instantly goes into your lungs instead of slightly floating away. Works great and doesn't taste bad at all. Tastes like any other dab rig I've used. Hot knifing on the other hand adds a weird taste and you can easily lose a lot of what should be going into your lungs. Happy toking!

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