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Most effective way to flush plants with Final Phase in soil?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by col forbin, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. My plants are 1 week away from harvest, but im a little confused on how to use advanced nutrients final phase: Im growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, and before when I flushed my girls, I just used water (3x the amount the pots can hold-3gal pots, so i used 9 gal of water) but my question is, do I just water my plants with final phase throughout the last 7-10 days before harvest and thats it? Or Should I water with final phase, then flush the plants with 9 gallons of water? I already started using the final phase with a watering 3 days ago, so its "in" the soil already. Thanks everyone!!
  2. The Conventional Wisdom is to flush 10-14 days before harvest and then just give them water until the chop. Good luck on your harvest! You must be getting excited.
  3. Yep, just wondering about flushing w/ final phase
  4. Yeah, I get it now. Final Phase is a PRODUCT! Duh! Sorry can't help you there, man.
  5. here's what the Advanced Nutrients site says - or you can call thier customer service line. They've been helpful to me in the past:

    The powerful chelate EDTA circulates through the root zone during your Final Phase cleansing process, which takes place 7-10 days before harvest.

    During this cleansing process (which consists of 6 hours of constant recirculation of your nutrient water and Final Phase followed by flushing with pure water), Final Phase chelates totally cleanse the root zone.

  6. That's what I'm right in the middle of, a slow flush. No nutes in over a week and I've got about another week to go.
  7. gotta say, Final Phase really seems to help my grows when I use it. I can't use it every time (the wallet ain't always ready for it), but the Advanced NUtrients line hasn't let me down yet...

    I'll admit I don't use it every time, but when I do, it's made a difference in the yield and AN seems to make teh growing process easier...less stuff to fix.

    good luck with yoru flushin...:wave:
  8. I'm trying to figure out the same as u. i don't feel anyone has really answered the question. If anyone can explain how to really flush out a soilles soil usinf Final Phase or ANY flushing agent at that. Do we use the agent for several waterings, or do we aplly once, then immediately flush the media with 3x the amount of water(every 1 gallon pot gets 3 gallons of water) Or do we just flush with agent(1 gallon pot, gets 3 gallon agent solution mix) for several days until PPM stop rising from run off? Some one explain step by step please.

  9. to use advanced final phase u must follow the amount count on the side depending on water size pots ur using or how many make sure u make enough for what ur using then make sure it's ph'd right then take enough of that water and pour it around in the soil until u see it start to run out the sides of the pot then stop right there your done next step is wait 6 hrs and then flush ur plant again the regular way with lots of ph'd water after that just use plain water for 7-10 days and ur done you only use final phase for that 1 time and it sucks out most of the nutrients there u go
  10. Blaze189 nailed it!
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    So i use fox farm ans ive been pleased,to answer the question i water 3xpotsize first.then the next 2 night i water 2xpotsize with sladgehammer flush,.i wait a two days do a 5 gallon flush with plian tap water and iam done i get smooth burning smooth hitting non crackly herb which after 3 tokes with out coughing it makes it all worth it, i hope this helps you i know we all have are methods,find what works for you and go with it,modifying it as you learn more, but simple you can just use water for two wk's but who wants to wait that long when it can be done in a wk by useing a flushing agent and some water, good luck on everything hope this helped :smoking:
  12. I think that final flushing is overrated - it never happens in nature and people have been using cannabis for thousands of years.
    I accidentally clipped off the flower top of a plant when moving it, and it had not been flushed. The top tasted as good and got me as high as the rest of the flushed plant did. So the moral of the story is - I don't really think it matters. When the plant is mature, harvest it.
  13. Vaporist i have to kindly disagree!Thier is a porpuse in flushing!its to take all left over nuterients,salts,and other unwated possibley harmfull carcinogenic's,you dont have to flush with a flushing agent>really dont have to lol< water 3xpotsize >3X5GAL pot =15 gallon flush a few of these in the last week of flowering is just fine just wait till plant is nute defency.i can promise a cleaner burn and less harsh on the throat, in fall mother nature rains alot on lpants wich naturly flushs,so with that i say good day and i hope me and vaporist helped.
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    It's nearly impossible to flush soil outdoors, and some of the best-tasting, highest-quality weed I have ever consumed was grown outdoors.
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    Here's how I think the flushing idea got started...
    Somebody over-nuted their plants and it caused some people who smoked it to get headaches - most likely from way too much nitrogen. So they came up with an idea that if they flush their plants with straight water and no nutes for the last two weeks before harvest, it will somehow rinse out all of the extra nitrogen in the plant.
    While this may or may not be true, why not just keep from over-nuting the plant to begin with? I have consumed buds straight off the plant in my vaporizer and never got any headaches or noticed any bad taste at all. Why diminish your yield by starving your plants if you don't really need to?
    I didn't flush my recent harvest of White Russian, and it is the smoothest, most-potent weed I have enjoyed in many years. No headaches, and no chemical taste. My friends praised it and wanted some. Sorry guys, I just grow for my own meds.

  16. In soil flush regularly with 10% run off. I called the hot line and he said use final phase for a week. No need to flush the final phase just water with it ,n cut n dry.

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