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Most effecient way to get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ktsayshi1, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Out of the four times I've smoked, I've only used a bong. It gets me stoned after a few good hits but i wanted to try something new so what is the most efficient way to get high off less weed in your opinion?
  2. vaporizer. the high is slower in the onset but the same amount of weed that goes into one bowl can get me ripped on 4 separate occasions, im a light toker but its still quite a feat :D

    next i would say gravity bong, or hot knifing
  3. thanks man!
  4. My buddy who's a glass blower made this thing called a "Chubbler", a chillum and a bubbler combined..

    It was small and you could keep it in your pocket or drop it and the water never spilled,

    Thing hit like a bong too.
  5. Put weed in bowl, paper, apple, whatever-in-the-fuck...Light weed on fire, inhale, inhale again, exhale. So easy a caveman can do it.:cool:
  6. Vapes are the best, use less weed and get you really high. Other than that, bongs get me baked, but blunts are always nice too.
  7. OP the best way to smoke it from a bong. Everything that burns goes into your lungs, and nothing escapes.
  8. Vaporizer without a doubt. However, if I don't feel like using my vape I've got a pack of RAW Kingsized joints ready to be filled up...
  9. i'm high as hell on edibles right now and know i'm going to be high like 2 hours later lol. Am i the only one who thinks edibles are efficient just from how epically long they are? and the highs seem more pleasant as well. You just "coast" into it. better for anxiety
  10. Edibles for sure

  11. yep they're perfect for long movies and events.
  12. used to eat them all the time before school tbh just go through the whole day zonked out. Only time I was almost caught was my biology teacher asked what's wrong? I was just like "not enough sleep" and put my high head down xD
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    I've only gone to school high on edibles twice and that was before I learned about firecrackers :) so I can't wait to make a bunch of em and eat one every morningq !
  14. vape or bongage
  15. Injection
  16. #16 Hot Rod, Aug 2, 2011
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  17. You have to use hash as a suppository!
  18. eat the weed... as in edibles, or gravity bong fo sho
  19. Honestly, I'm surprised nobody said gravity bong.

    Vaping and edibles give you a pretty different high, which you may not be used to. So if you're looking for the familiar combustion high, gravity or waterfall bongs should knock you on your ass with a couple pulls

  20. They have, look at the second comment on the first page...

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