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  1. I am thinking about dropping a lot of cash on a bong. I don't want to spend more than 300ish (Willing to go up like 50$ but I really, REALLY don't want to unless the value is worth it) and I want it to be durable. D. U. R. A. B. L. E. I want to be able to drop this shit. No 3.2mm, no 5mm, I'm talking real durability. I figure US Tubes is the best choice because I've heard a lot of good things about them and their durability (And I love the US logo). But I am really dumb and can't seem to figure out which one to get from bitfreakglass. I definitely want beaker base. Can you guys help me pick out my dream bong :eek:?
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    on bitfreak-
    US Tubes15 50X9mmbeaker $315 (about halfway down)
    US Tubes17 50X9mmBulldogBeaker 14inch $315

    look like they fit the bill

    a few bigger 9mm tubes below those. hope that helps

  3. I was looking at the first one you posted. What I don't get is what is the first number that in the ##x#mm. What's the 50? I get that the glass is 9mm thick and 14 inches tall but that's the only thing I don't get
  4. hrm i'm a bit new to glass myself..but my guess would be the diameter of the tube..? i'm sure someone around here has the answer
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    if you're on bf, get a 9mm beaker. 9x50 or 9x60, 60 will be wider. that special edition looks nice.

    to answer the question above, it goes (diameter of tubing) x (thickness of tubing)
    it's usually used to describe materials (ex, a .de roor zumo is made of 60x4.2)

    the 9mm beakers are these

    ustubes17 is 14" 50x9
    ustubes15 is 18" 50x9
    ustubes23 is 18" 60x9
    ustubes36 is 18" 60x9

    i'd get those, if you want youd be safe with a 7mm, a 38 special is a good value because it has a thick joint like all of them, a 7mm beaker, and a narrow 38mm neck on 4mm glass. there is little chance of breaking at the neck; breaks happen at the joint (but not on a us tube) so really you'd be good with any us tube because they all have a thick ass joint.

  6. That would make a lot of sense. If so I think I'm going to get that bulldog :D
  7. sory dear unable to ans bcoz
    me alwayz belive on there look not there durability

  8. the brand royalty makes an 11mm piece with a reinforced joint. was pretty nuts when i checked that out at the shop. i dont recall the price though

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