Most disgusting vile nasty thing ever

Discussion in 'General' started by Jordan21, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. I dont know what to make a thread about. How about a simple question what did you think the title was gona be?

    And a real question- do you guys ever have a bowl or something that is more than just a bowl like it has sentimental value to you?

    Cus i have a bowl that i wouldnt sell for anything my brother sold it to me and it has a sentimental value to it. Alot of my friends want to buy it and i just laugh and say nope.
  2. What can do really how is why this gross can't be so neat smell love that going to..?
  3. Bro, this thread is by far the coolest thing I've run across in a while.:rolleyes:
  4. In only responce to your thread title.

  5. People who are adamantly wrong and willing to be forceful about it.

    And poor spelling.
  6. blue waffle

  7. aw come on u know theres much more gross things than cigarettes

    i mean u can hold it and it dosnt make a mess so sorry bud just saying cigarettes are almost PROVEN to not be the most disgusting vile nasty thing ever.

  8. Winner :cool:

  9. [​IMG]

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