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Most asked annoying Apprentice questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smoking515, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. You know how when your get on apprentice tokers on Grasscity you find so many stupid questions and questions that are asked several times a day,
    so what are the ones that annoy you the most?

    Mine has to be "was my weed lased?"
  2. I have to agree there are some stupid questions, but that IS the point of that sub-forum... To an extent.

    But some threads I just have to LOL at.
  3. "I smoked tonight and the drug test is tomorrow. What do I do?"
  4. "Is this x amount of grams"
  5. I wouldn't call it annoying, it's cute with a touch of pity.
  6. "gave my bro $60 for weed and he never brought me any. did i get ripped off?"
  7. "how to hide the smell"

    honestly if you havent thought that far ahead, you shouldnt be smoking bud if you cant grasp that simple step on your own...
  8. "Is this even weed?"
  9. Can you be so stoned that you will never be able to come back down to sobriety? Oh wait, that was asked in the Seasoned section.
  10. "Is this dank?" -insert blurry picture taken by phone-
  11. [quote name='"P to the enguin"']"how to hide the smell"

    honestly if you havent thought that far ahead, you shouldnt be smoking bud if you cant grasp that simple step on your own...[/quote]

    I haaaaaate this one.
  12. "Am I going to burn in a lake of fire in hell for eternity?"
  13. Does smoking a bong get you higher? /palm
  14. Nice thread idea, OP .. I find a lot of the apprentice threads quite annoying .. Not so much cause of the questions asked (basic questions in a beginners sub section) but the repetitive nature of them .. When there is a great search feature built into the forum and a wealth of info in many posts answering 99% of questions asked ...

    One I've seen frequently as of late ... "is it safe to bring this 8th with me on a flight .." or some variation of this .. It's surprising ppl ask this with such strict airport security these days.
  15. "18 year old fighting a 7 year old" had nothing to do with ganja
  16. "Does this look like Super Purple OG Kush blah blah"

  17. Seen this one being discussed a lot of times, so I guess there is a lot of confusion around it from people who never tried bongs.

    I dunno, I rarely get annoyed over a forum..
  18. Lol look right now ," how Mutch weed is in a 20 bag"
  19. Oh come on guys, you know we all had those kind of questions one time too.

    I like it to be honest, I'd rather people ask and learn then have to find out he hard way.
  20. I need help important!

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