Most annoying/stupid/aggravating reaction to telling non-smokers you smoke.

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  1. Which ones annoy or piss you off the most? I'm curious(Not sure if this is in the right spot, couldn't think of anywhere else to put it).

    Mine has to be....

    "Oh, well, good luck with that."
  2. "Ew that kills your brain cells."
    "You know you can get lung cancer, right?"

    Ha, damn media. Makes people ignorant.
  3. I don't even tell people i smoke, unless i know they smoke.
  4. I try not to, but I can't help it if they ask. They know, oh well. What are they going to do? :bongin:
  5. "You dont look like a smoker"
  6. Yea i never tell people i smoke either. No one asks me, they'll know if they see me smoking.
  7. I never hid that I smoked weed but the "it kills brain cells" is dumb and is obviously not true. This girl I knew in highschool use to tell me that " its gay when you smoke weed because some other guy put's his saliva on the blunt to roll it up and then you put your mouth on it, that like kissing."
  8. Why do you smoke?!??!?

    Why not?

    Cause it's stupid.

    How dare you insult mary jane.
  9. Everyone just expects it from me. Here's my senior picture from high school to put it in perspective:

  10. Tell me how to grow one of them and ill love you forever
  11. Was the OP talking about weed or cigarettes? I thought it was the latter.
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    Oh no, sorry man. Should've been more specific. I'm talking about weed.
  13. You can really assume since it is GRASScity...
  14. "That's too bad, you looked smart."

  15. "Hey, Jess, did you know Zed smokes MARIJUANA"
    "Hey, Sarah, did you know Zed smokes REEFER?"

    Or the classic "Really? But you're so smart...."
  16. "its going to ruin your future"
  17. "drugs are bad for you!" UUGGHH i fuckin hate it when somebody says that shit
  18. " I dont want to fuck my life up "

    BACKHAND fool
  19. Often times the only time I let out anything "secretive" is when I'm high.

    One time, I was around my best friend and thought I should let him know that I smoked (I was high as hell, and I confess so much when I'm high) and I told him.

    He said

    "I know, this is the fourth time you've told me this morning."

    My memory is so bad when I'm high.

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