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Moroccan Hash pickup (macros)

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by SoCalStoner, Apr 10, 2009.

  1. heres what was a g yesterday ( lot less now lol) of moroccan hash and damn its tasty it was 20 a g heres some pics +rep welcome thanks guys


  2. I want that
  3. Shame most morrocan hash in the uk is the noxious soapbar form it comes 9 ounce bars and contains absoulute crap.It can be adultered with everything from plastic to oil sick man.:(
  4. its nice but it dont look like moroccan hash no offense. thats usually lighter becuase the way its processed but its dank nonetheless
  5. Do you still get good morrocan in italy and is your weed market mainly hash in the uk for decades hash was the most poular form of puff mainly coming from morroco and pakistain.Now most of the uk market is homegrown and for the first time the uk is exporting weed.
  6. I agree that it does not look like typical Moroccan hash. The Moroccan we used to get in NY was usually red or blonde. Whatever, looks like great hash!
  7. well this is from a mmj club so idk what you guys were getting but im super fucked up right now from some hash snaps in my roor hahaha i loveee hash
  8. ahahah " i want that" is best reply ever. but i also want it! it looks like some dark add hash eh ?
  9. Looks like a poop nugget.

    Wouldn't that suck if a dealer ripped you off like that?

  10. nah i could tell the difference im sure ahahahaa
  11. I, too, want that
  12. I, three, want that. lol :smoking::smoking:
  13. haha i havent even really had bud for a few days ive only had hash so i either smoke just hash, or ill meet up with people have them pack all the bud in snaps and i top every bowl qwith hash good trade
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    i get bomb hash but i live in boston. but when i go to italy i get the hook up. its called fumo over there. i have a few hash picups but i dont want to still th thread so ill post a pic of the morrocan hash i get
    this isnt a soap bar its simply from kilo block

  15. dont even worry bout threadjacking its chill post what you want hahaha thats so much hash i would get a little table top gas bbq and set a brick on, close the lid, and let me room hto box itself hahahahah maybe have some hoses coming out the lid to hit
  16. I'm American but I lived in Italy for three years (military brat) which is where i started smoking, mainly hash, actually I had been smoking pot at least almost a year I wanna say before I smoked anything other than hash (i.e. any sort of actual weed). Morrocan hash is pretty common over there and it's in southern europe so usually the hash is still pretty fresh and undiluted when it gets into italy (unlike the UK at the top of the european continent) anyways yeah it's not necessarily called fumo (It. for 'smoke') there that's just a way of asking for it: "Hai fumo?" which literally means do you have smoke was the key phrase in solicting hash pick ups from morroccans of the streets in Italy and prices were typically around ten euro(s) per gram. And back to the main point that most deff does not look like morrocan or if it is indeed morrocan then it looks like very low grade MORROCCAN, but clearly it is some sort of "black" hash (more putty like consistency, rather than the solid block consistency of morroccan) of a lighter shade. The pick that boston whatev posted looks exactly like the morroccan i used to cop in Italy
  17. yea that was only a half ounce
    which i still have about an eighth left of it and other types i have been switchin back n forth with.

    id say that hash is middle eastern region because of the color and texture

    heres a pic of some different stuff but a full ounce

    yep i literally just came back from Italy and my parents are still over there with my older sister. fumar is to smoke and fumo is smoke like you said and its pretty much the way to find hash down there. i love italy and i think that hash looks more like the afghanistan gold stamp i get which is darker because it is produced a different way and is alot stronger thatn morrocan. morrocan is weak hash that smokes and tastes really nice. used more from a sativa
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    since it looks like its medical i doubt its has been altered, it looks like typical bubble hash to me

    in the picks the chem dog and the black berry are bubble hashes there pretty dense

    the larger unpressed hash in afgoo x grandy purps and is cold water extracted
    and the smaller unpressed is super silver haze is also cold water extracted

    isnt moroccan hash made by shiving the buds on screens dry then pressing lightly?

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