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Morning Glory(strain, not seeds) and Two unknown strains, new bowl, whole collection

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by irishndfan2, May 14, 2010.

  1. Well i got my summer stash going right now. First couple pics are of a quarter headie pick up, its deff some outdoor bud, pretty airy and lots of stems, but i got a good deal at $110, yes that is a good deal where I am from. Next bud is what I have left of this Morning Glory strain. Smoked it before, amazing head high but the body high quicks in throughout the middle of it. The last bud is some noname heads, i picked up a dime bag of. I also picked up a new bowl this morning ran me 17 bucks, unfortunately I can't try it out yet cause I have a drug test for a job this week. Last couple pics is of my whole stash right now, got my bubbler, a gandolph pipe, new bowl, and couple joints I rolled this morning. And the other pipe is a nice pipe I picked up in St. Thomas, first piece :)

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  2. nice budz. i like your bowl too. but if you can't smoke then why are you rolling joints?
  3. you don't happen to be near the Maryland border near the main body of the Susquehanna river? There may be a pretty girl or two from that region, and I'm just curious for th esake of synchronicity. Otherwise, it looks kidn of like an unimpressive collection, compared to what they have out in California, but, in your own kingdom, it seems you have a steady supply of htis stuff, and of course, you can make it work, so, in your own ingenuity and introspective love, it porbably means a lot, so bravo. I wouldn't spend too many days of your life hitting herb like that out of a pipe like that... heh.
  4. my drug test is tommorow, and I was bored haha, gonna smoke it on the way home
  5. you really are a douchebag haha, obviously not everyone gets Cali stuff, casue well not everyone here is in cali so I don't really care what you have to say haha

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