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Discussion in 'General' started by weaverbeaver, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. I have a question about morning glory seeds, could I just go to a flower shop and get the seeds? and will these give me a little "trip"? Cause I heard these things give you a little buzz, but not sure if they are the seeds you would get from a flower shop
  2. i dont know if youd be able to get them at a flower shop, i wouldnt think so. Go to wallmart, they have them there. And they can do a lot more to you then give you a "buzz", oh yes. it depends on how many packets you eat, or however you like to use them. if its your first time though you might not feel the full effect of it (many people dont their first time).
    last time i got some, it was like $1 per packet at wallmart.
  3. I'm gonna get some packets from K-Mart and do an extraction method with about 350 seeds.
  4. hahahaha, i'm in the process of consuming morning glory's right now, funny shit.
  5. Morning glory seeds (Ipomoea violacea) along with Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (Argyreia nervosa) both contain very small amounts of LSD-like lysergic amides (LSA). Most large brands that sell them chemically treat their seeds to hinder the ffects and increase the nauseaus side effects. Your best (and most reliable quality-wise) is to find a store online, such as which specialize in the production of varieties which will eventually be used for recreation. Not just any seed packet of MG seeds will work, there are hundreds of varieties and only a small fraction of them contain LSA...and only (according to a few sources) 4 of these contain enough LSA to be considered of any recreational value.
    those four in order of potency are:

    "heavenly blue"
    "pearly gates"
    "flying saucers"
    "blue star"

    the high is usually a bumpy one at best. We're talking anywhere form 50-500 seeds for a single dose depending on the quality of the batch, the person using them etc. and is usually accompanied by feelings of nausea and headaches... and no they arent like acid at all..its less psychedellic than it is narcotic due to LSAs effects...close to lsd in structure, but it aint no lsd..and its much less intense..

    Everything you've ever wanted ot know about morning glories, hawaiian baby woodrose and sleepy grass (all containing LSAs) can be read on they have a vault completely dedicated to LSA containing drugs
  6. about how many seeds are in each $1 packet so i know how many to buy.
  7. you have to be real careful bying from flower shops n shit because lots of companies coat there seeds with harmful toxins or pesticides not only to kill bugs but to discourage use as a recreational drug, the best way to go is to grow it yourself, its not illegal
  8. For an LSA trip dont get the morning glories. Buy hawwian baby woodrose seeds from the hawiian strain and take 5 after de sheleling them. Its the best trip ive ever had and its like a body orgasam when you peak you just feel soo good you cant not smile.

    I had 8 when i took them my first and only time and it was great but i want in the best setting for having an amazing trip. i was just chilling at my house since my friends want feling well. If i was out just walking and looking around or in a car, not driving but shottie, i would feel soo good just watching everything vibing around me. if i could describe the visuals and feeling it would be like your connected with whatever oyur looking at and it looks so bright and colorfull, not wavy colors or anything just the colors that are theer are liek 100X brighter.

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