morning glory garden :)

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by gr0wer, Oct 4, 2003.

  1. Ive laways had morning glorys growing in my garden i just never knew you can trip off them. Im not sure if this is one of the right strains but i will give it a try anyways. ive trained htem this year to cover the fence and geve them tomato cages to spread out on. next year i will get some pearly gates and other known strains that produce LSA. Next year i should have a small mushroom garden also thanks to dread.......[make the pics 500 and they fit :D]critter
  2. closeup. This is a cool plant to grow its so easy and, every morning latley its been flowering when im going to school. Its just a verry positive plant while everything else is getting colds and staring to die its making these bright flowers.

    Edit : I also got my camrea working on closeups so hopefull nice closeup budpics will be in my thread somewhere from monday-wendsday depending on the weather :D
  3. Thanks shade, its all compost with a bit of manure about 3 years back. I guess shrooms will pull a bigger crowd :p.
  4. by looking at the flower and the way it curves, i would guess those are heavanly blue, which are deff. produce LSA, so enjoy!
  5. LSA is almost like LSD. You can refine the seeds into pure acid but its abit involved and dangerous, im juts going make a brew or something.

    thanks cowofsteel for the help now im a bit more happy i took care of these babys.
  6. WHOA!!! I just realised that I have those growin like maddddd ill get a pic in a bit theyre in bad condition since its gettin really cold up here.
  7. How do you prepare them then? Is the LSA in the flower or seeds or somthing?
  8. I'm pretty sure it's in the seeds
  9. Do you eat them or put them in tea............or something else?

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