Morgan Freeman's Car Accident (Send Out Good Vibes)

Discussion in 'General' started by Kramer, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. yeah you should be able to handle it ;)

    unless youre chris crocker... even then this isnt brittany spears.

    people get too worked up over celebrities.

    I do like morgan freeman though and i hope he makes it
  2. I'm also wondering why he was driving that...
    But I hope he'll be alright.
  3. I wish the general masses could see this thread and how every person in this thread, without even knowing the actor, is still willing to send good vibes his way and hope he has a speedy recovery, yet we are criminals because of the herb we choose to consume.

    Next bowls for him.:)
  4. Morgan Freeman is the shit. Omg. Pleeease no.
  5. Dude, I grew up with his films. I can't help but feel attached in a way to the man. Usually always played a positive roll that always moved me with his performance.

    Quite the fucked-up comment, dude.

    That's Americans for you. I've always felt that if Morgan Freeman, Sean Connery, or Robin Williams die (there are a couple of other actors that I share this with as well), I'd feel a little more empty. There is just something about certain actors that I've grown up watching and enjoying and having them die that just makes the world a bit bleaker.

    You can take my comments any way you want. Don't care.

    You wanna hate?

    Go fuck yourself first. And record it.
  6. morgan freeman is legend

    definetly sending good vibes his way.

  7. about your second comment i meant that void the "you shouldn't be attached" part if you were a female (and yes thats a little sexist, i'm just pointing out girls tend to be much more emotional) but thats not a "fucked-up comment"

    about your first comment. ok i never said you can't like his acting and feel attached to him but i said you shouldn't (IMO) be on the verge of not being able to handle it.
  8. hope he gets better
  9. Get Well Soon Morgan!!
  10. Morgan Freeman has freckles.
  11. hope it wasn't serious

    If I could choose one person to narrate my whole life it would deff be Morgan Freeman.
  12. Thanks for reviving the thread, guys. Was looking for it.

    Updating the first post NOW to show his current health state (which is fine).
  13. Aww that sucks, I hope he gets better. Morgan Freeman is a good man, he doesn't deserve that.
  14. even if he's paralyzed,

    his voice will make him millions.
  15. I wanted to post this last night but forgot. Just wanited to send good vibes his way. He's such a good actor. I would hate for the world to lose a talent like that.
  16. i saw that on the news today he will be all right

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