Morgan Freeman's Car Accident (Send Out Good Vibes)

Discussion in 'General' started by Kramer, Aug 4, 2008.

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    Please send your best wishes to this fantastic actor. We just recently lost George Carlin. I can't handle another big loss like this.

    Edit - He's doing better.
  2. Def sending good healing vibes, Get better really soon!
  3. I hope he has a full recovery. Good vibes sent his way.

    Flying back from Puerto Rico on standby, coach was full so we got cheap first class seats. Walking down the aisle I find my seat, put my bag into the overhead compartment, and sitting right by the window is morgan fucking freeman. Im guessing my dad saw him too because he takes my seat and makes me sit next to my mother. At this time there was an atricle about him in the Northwest flight magazine, my dad got his autograph on a completed crossword puzzle, on the cover by his picture, and his ticket stub.

    Very nice man, hell of an actor. Im sure he will recover.
  5. Next whip pack is for you, Morgan!
  6. Safe to say he wasn't driving the Tumbler

    Come on, Morgan Freeman, we need more of your velvety voiceovers and acting
  7. The hell was he doing driving a 1997 Nissan Maxima
  8. (((((good vibes))))) for morgan. one hell of an actor.
  9. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:!!!!!

    When I read that he was 71 it really surprised me though.
    I just recently saw him in "The Bucket List," horrible movie if I may say so, but all other movies were almost fantastic. Just think about se7en!
  10. Greetings,

    Although all our "vibes" won't do his physical injuries any good; I am still sorrowful to hear about this, I really enjoy his films.

    I do hope he gets well and continues his career.
  11. Morgan Freeman is the man. Good Vibes all around.
  12. Dude, your dad celebrityblocked you :eek:

    And i really hope Morgan Freeman makes a full recovery, he's a great actor.
  13. :confused:

    Next bowl pack is for you Morgan
  14. I thought he was like 75 at least...
  15. Was miss Daisy in the car too?
  16. I laughed out loud.
  17. This next blunt is for Mr. Freeman. One of the better actors of the 20th century. Also, he was pretty damn good in Bruce Almighty :p
  18. The good vibes are a nice gesture but this shit happens to people everyday, celebrities are not any more special then others.
  19. They fucking entertain me.

    When was the last time you entertained me?

    Eat your own words.

    Morgan Freeman, this one's for you.:bongin:

  20. i hope this wasn't a serious comment.

    like ya i know it sucks that these actors die, i feel bad for them and their families but not being able to handle it is toooo much.

    unless you know him personally, you should be able to handle it.

    edit: sorry, i guess it was offensive???? (the part thats not there anymore)

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