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  1. I was wondering about the best way to check tricombs. I have the pocket microscope from radio shack. I have been checking them two ways. One was to pull a leaf off the bud (not the fan leaves). Then put it on a flat surface and I can see the tricombs in great detail, and at about 50-75% amber, the rest are cloudy or somewhat clearish with an amber head. I also check the actual bud, but it is a little harder to see the tricombs and i worry about damaging some of the tricombs or the bud itself by handling it too much. When checking the bud it is not a flat surface and hard to focus the microscope on the tricombs and it moves around alot. It seems that there is less amber tricombs 35-40% on the bud,the rest are cloudy but very few clear with an amber head. I have heard that the clear with an amber head are the first stages of the tricomb development then get cloudy then turn amber or is it a clear tricomb turining amber. Or is this an amber tricomb? Also what is the best method for checking tricombs? How are you checking your tricombs?
  2. Clear then cloudyand then amber.Sounds like your done and ready to harvest.You want a mix of cloudy and amber..
  3. what should i do if i cant get a microscope
  4. >what should i do if i cant get a microscope
    does the plant look like it is dying? if not, don't chop.
    how long has it been flowering? most peeps flowered here in mid august, check the board, 8 wks is typical indica. you are likely right at 6 or 6.5 weeks, do you think you have a quick variety? if it is bagseed it is probably 8 wks. just read the seed brochures online, most all are 8 wks, so Mid-October.

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