More soil help (need opinions/advice)

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    Originally i was thinking use Fox Farms Ocean Forest, but then someone said they cause nute burn, and i found this stuff! :hello:[​IMG]

    Home Grown®: POTting Soil | Doctor Earth

    Home Grown® POTting Soil creates the perfect soil conditions to promote plant health, abundant plant growth, maximum yields, maximum weight gain and double the size potential! Size and quality matter! When looking to maximize crop and yield production – no other soil in America will deliver as promised.

    Rich in:
    Bat Guano, Worm Castings, Kelp Meal, MicroActive™ Concentrated Seaweed Extract and a plethora or organic nutrients. This is our most advanced and potent soil designed to outperform any soil on earth" *from link*

    So, all sounds good eh? Has anyone ever use this stuff, opinions?

    Im wondering, what should i mix in with this soil? I need recommendations!?!
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    Still need to know what to add?!

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