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    Today is my 3rd day not smoking. It's the longest I've gone in probably a year not smoking(other than family vacations I guess).

    To be quite honest, it's not hard what so ever.

    It's awesome to just take a break every once and awhile. I mean I love smoking bud everyday and shit, but usually it's just at night before bed or at lunch. Lately I had been smoking before school, I mean I did that a lot last year, but not like this year. It really helps me relax at the end of the day, and taking a break really just shows you how true MJ really is to you.

    The interesting thing, I don't know when I want to start smoking again. All of this started when I decided I wanted to stop smoking week days. It's just so weird how marijuana really does help my ADHD, like all of the days of the week have blended together. I've been getting my home work done in class a lot more than usual, but I'm not exactly sure if I can honestly say the quality is better. Like I didn't even know if I had taken my chapter test yet in math, the days just blend together. It's quite weird.

    I can safely say MJ has improved the quality of my daily life. I love taking these breaks though, it's not hard, and you can get your shit straight if needed. I try to closely monitor my use for addictive behaviors, and these breaks really help me regulate it. I just love everything about weed. I think the #1 thing I've learned from this break is that I hate abusing it. MJ is an awesome drug when used responsibly.

    From now on, I'm sticking with the 4/20 rule. 4 days off, 20 on. Tolerance will always stay the same(low). ;)
  2. and i dedicate this toke to you for being consious about your intake

  3. eh, i've been on a break for a while now as well and i'm not finding it difficult at all either.
    it's actually kinda nice, to be honest.

    haven't been keeping track of the days, though.
    and i think i got smoked out a couple of times by others, but it feels like it's been a while..

    congrats on your break as well. :D

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