More Old People Using Cannabis Medically

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  2. Best audience to hit with a legalization message. Seniors have seen and experienced what the Feds can do to a message.

    After all, they experienced Vietnam. And Nixon and both Bushes.

    They've got problems that can't wait for answers.
  3. Tee Hee,add the new old people to the old old people that have always smoked or smoked when they were younger and went back to it once their children were raised and on their own and the vote in CA could be a bigger win than anyone expects.
  4. Here's my dads situation.

    He is 72 years old, and one of those old school persons that think that all drugs are the devil.

    He was diagnosed with cancer and has since been prescribed with a medical mj card.

    We have talked about smoking pot a lot and he tells me that he feels bad for smoking it(probably because he is old school and pot is considered bad in his generation.)


    He swears by it and he tells me that there are no other pills or medication that have helped him deal with cancer, the way that marijuana has helped.

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