More light on fewer plants, or more plants with less light

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  1. Simple question. Reason why I ask is when I am reading all these grow journals and other threads I see peopl with like 500 - 1000 watts a plant, getting ounces (up to 4) off of them which to me is crazy. I have as much space as possibly needed, and amd wondering if I should redesign my room to squeeze the lights together but with fewer plants flowering. I mean so much for 60 watts per foot because everyone seems to be crushing that number.
    Right now I have 9 250 watt HPS stung together around the perimeter of room, was thinking about cramming them all on one wall and doubling the light to that area (about 14ft x 40inches wide total space) instead of having them all spread out.
    I could also condense my side lighting I have spread out as well and make a pretty sick 55 of so sq ft area. But again I would be cutting down my light coverage significantly. It just seems like more watts on less plants gets better yields.
    I had as many as 90 plants in the room before but was only getting about 15-20 grams per plant. Just seems like it would be a lot easier to manage fewer plants not to mention if I could get ounces out of them I would get the same total yields or even more.

  2. The reason people do sea of green grows is to minimize veg time and just grow main colas. It all depends on how long you want to harvest, if you want two big plants you'll have to veg for around 4 weeks or longer. I personally veg my clones for only a week or two until they get nice root system and throw in flower box. I try to keep them under 2 feet tall in the end and cram around ten plants in 10 square feet. Only get around 7-20 grams a plant strain and grow dependent. Done in perpetual grow you can harevest a plant every two weeks with minimal maintenance. Check out some out the sog hempy bucket grows, simple hydro with great results

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  3. How many rooms do you need to harvest every 2 weeks? About 2 months ago we all talked about this and only theorized on this I believe.

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  4. You will need a veg space and and flower space. I use two different sized dressers. One is for my mother, clones, and veg plants. And the other is for all flowering plants, I usually pick the best 1 or two clones and add to flowering chamber every week or two so I have multiple plants at every stage of growth.

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  5. You can make 1 room work you will just need to seperate flowering plants and veg plants. And make sure the veg room lights do not bleed or leak into the flowering part as they need total darkness for 12 hours

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  6. i use 1 room and remove plants for the dark cycle and swap in other plants for ther light period enabling me to veg an flower in same room also doubling yeild for amount of light :D:D:D

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  7. Your lights are still going to be the limiting factor. Growing more small plants or fewer larger ones only changes the veg time needed. They are getting those numbers because of more powerfull lighting. Four 250w may equal the coverage of a 1000w hps but they still wont have the penetration or intensity.
  8. If you want bigger yields you want the intensity if the 1000 watt hps bulb and the fewer plants under the light the better.  The 1000 watt hps only has a primary light coverage of a 5' x 5' area, anything outside this will give diminishing returns!  You will not get the density, quality or quantity.  I personally have grown 2 - 3' - Shiva plants in 3.5 gal of soil in a square Maxi-pot under 1 -1000 watt hps using Fox Farm nutrient regiment and got 20 ounces.  That's 10 ounces of dry, (cured) bud per plant!  The entire branches were solid buds.  The biggest cola was 16'' long!

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