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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by look closer, Jun 12, 2002.

  1. ....are these lights good for growing? right now i dont have a whole lot of space or electricity to use. someone who knows what theyre talking about help me.
  2. Yes they can be good for growing florals,vegetables,varietals,etc...and small cannabis plants..

    cannabis is a high energy plant,,,which is why MH,and HPS work so well,and is very cost effective when thinking of light per watt...HPS is the best.. One 70w hps will be cheaper to buy,and put out more intensity than one of envirolites CF's,which are quite costly,though they are a good designed CF,,,just not enough lumen output/intensity for the robust cannabis growth,,which most growers desire....

  3. ok....i wanna do the scrog, bonsai thing....cuz thats basically one of the only wasy i could do it right now. if i used one 20watt which it says produces 100watts and then 2 15watts which says it produces 75 watts each...would that produce sticky buds? i would do mh or hps butt he only cheap place i know of is inside sun and they dont sell 150 watts. i really dont wanna have to spend more than 70$ for the lighting in my cabinet, so would those envirolites work for a stealth cabinet thats 3 feet tall and 2 scrog plants? idicabud? woody? bpp? anyone? oh yeah, where could i get a 70 watt or 150 watt hps for cheap, if u know somewhere god.
  4. ok, this rules, u were right aboutt he 70 watts found some on ebay for no more than 50$ would one 70 watt be good for scrog?
  5. yes,with 2 200w/43w CF's added,and a cabinet space no more than 2 square feet,,,take a look at grow setup and design,,,my post,,,you can see one there without screen...and it has been tested scrOG...


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