More Insane Dreams. Nearly Astral Projected?

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    Some of you may have read posts I have made in the past about very insane and interesting dreams I have had. Well, I just had another experience. I laid down to take a nap. As I was getting closer and closer to sleeping, I started to hear music playing, as if it was coming out of my computer. I listened to it for a minute, then thought "wait, I shut the computer off didn't I?" I started thinking about it, and then I woke up more and more, and then I looked and my computer was shut off. I laid back down to go to sleep. After a bit, I started to hear my TV going. After a bit of thinking, I was sure my TV was not on, and so I realized this was all just noises my mind was projecting due to me being in a sort of in-between stage of waking and sleeping. I kept going with it, trying to maintain awareness.

    I started to see somewhat see images. I wondered if I could intensify these images, and enter a sort of portal into the "dream world."(I have had a LOT of strange experiences "dreaming," and so in some cases I'm not so quick to divide absolutely between waking and sleeping. It seems there is a realm that exists that permeates the dream world and the "real" world.) I was thinking about this, while also paying attention to the TV sounds I was hearing. Suddenly a portion of my vision became centered on the TV in my room, playing. I thought this was pretty fascinating how I was able to project this, and I then wondered if the next step was possible, travelling through this and actually entering into that "dream." I tried just that, and suddenly i was standing up in my bedroom, but without ever having actually gotten up physically. I was in the dream. Now I somewhat know how to do this, enter a dream consciously, and I have done it quite a few times before. So it wasn't my first time doing this exactly, but it's always very exciting, and the way that it happened was unique.

    I went through my dream, then woke up in my bed, only to have it be a new dream, multiple times. On one of these occasions, my laptop was next to me. I looked at it, and it was on facebook. Before I was able to get on and check it out, I "woke up" again. This time I got back on the computer, and it was on facebook again. I looked down and there was somebody online in the upper left of my list of friends, which seemed to be the place to look. I IM'd this person, although I had a hard time typing accurately. I sent two nonsensical IM's, because I was having trouble controlling my fingers perfectly. Finally, I sent one that made sense. The person responded and said "Wow, I never knew I could speak to you directly." Then SHe said "Intensity is what brings me here." Somehow I ended up seeing this person's email, and I don't think I am exactly remembering it perfectly, but it was at least partially like "," which my name is Clay. This was all incredible to me, and I would go into theories I have behind all of this, consciousness, reality, dream world, etc., but this thread is already getting quite long and it may seem too "speculative" for some of you anyways.

    One more thing. As I said, I just kept "waking up" in my bed over and over again. It was becoming maddening, because it all seemed so real, and I was often confused about what was actually taking place on my bed and what I was "dreaming." At one point I started to think that I may be in sleep paralysis. When I thought this, I tried to just lay there with my eyes closed, and feel energy in my body. The energy became more and more intense. I then wondered if I may be able to turn this into Astral Projection, because I have heard sleep paralysis is a good entry point into Astral Projection. I tried to lift myself out of my body. The vibrations were becoming more and more intense, and I began to feel myself come out of my body. It was a wonderfully liberating feeling. I then began to over-analyze what was happening, at which point my vibrations became less intense, and I went down to my body. Shortly after, I was up.

  2. I felt very odd reading this whole thing, but I don't remember most of my dreams. I remembered suffering through the last paragraph before, however... so I edited in my version.

    Do you believe in shared dreams? :smoke:
  3. so who do you think you were communicating with? your higher self?
  4. It most definitely seems theoretically possible, but I can't claim to know for sure. I think at the very least there are "alternates" of real life people that are in the dream world, or at least that "realm" I discussed that seems to be in both dreams and "real" life.

    I think that is an accurate way of putting who it likely was. I'm not entirely sure that my ideas on Higher Self are the same ideas that others hold, though. To me, Higher Self is everything that I truly am, and truly want. So it is Ideal Me, as well as ideal friends, sexual partners, romantic partners, family members, etc. It can be tough to grasp the concept of Higher Self, or at least my concept of Higher Self, because you have to be able to see yourself as Male and Female, family member and lover. How One can fulfill all of these roles, and how that One is You.
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    Had another very interesting dream. I'll post my summary. :)

    I don’t remember it exactly, but I was flashing through seeing these different people, and they all seemed to be connected, and they seemed to be connected to me as well. At one point one of them, a black guy on TV who seemed to be an important religious leader, was talking. He said something like “Almost noone is going to really understand what I am saying. But that’s OK, because those of you that need to will. You see, we’re special. We’re not like the others, and that is why we can understand. So I am going around talking about all of this all the time, and almost noone really understands me. Sure, some people get some vague idea of what I’m talking about, but they don’t really get it. But that’s OK, because those of you that need to understand me will.” it seemed as though he was talking directly to me.

    Later I was in a garage with two women. These were people that I recognized, but I can’t remember who they were. We were discussing many things, and they were teaching me. I really can’t remember much but the end. I was talking to one of them mainly at this point. She kept smiling and saying how smart I was. Suddenly I felt something string-like hanging out of my teeth. I grabbed onto it and started to pull. I just kept pulling more and more out. It seemed never-ending. She said “That must run very deep. Many miles within your Self.” I went into the house and to the sink, and kept pulling it out until finally I had gotten it all. My mouth was full of blood. I went back out to the garage. I said “You said that that runs very deep. Do you think that it is relevant that it came out of my mouth, and also near the throat chakra? Both of these represent communication, or connection.” She smiled and said how smart I was. I said “So do you think it represents a deep inner fear within myself to really connect with others, or try at things? Because it seems like I’ve never liked to try at things or with people, because if I don’t try and I succeed or the other people like me then that’s extra good, because I did it without even trying. But if I do try and I fail, or the other people don’t like me, then I just feel terrible, because I tried and was rejected.” She said “Awwwwwwww you are soooo sweet!” and gave me a big hug. I smiled.

    I said “Let me ask you something. Do you have any real existence of your own?” She looked as though she was contemplating, and then responded “Hmm, yes, well in a way.” I said “But is your existence YOU in and of yourself, or are you just a projection of me?” They both started to respond, but then the main one I was talking to put her hand up, as if to say that she wanted to answer it. She said “Yes, absolutely. We are projections. You see, we go about our existence, and we live our lives. So in that way we do really exist. But on the other hand we know that everything we do is just coming to us as a reflection of you.” She then began to hold up a piece of paper she was holding, and said “Like this. This tells me exactly how I feel, and what I am going to do. So I exist, and I live, but it’s not determined by me.”
  6. Sounds like something out of Waking Life :)

    You must lucid dream a lot? I've been working a lot toward being able to but have yet had a dream as vivid or as full of dialog and information as yours. You're lucky.

    Most of mine are just random events and dramas happening, usually little or no communication, and rarely have I managed to fully grasp the realization that I was actually dream. Even less have I managed to astral project, I can only recall one time at the moment.
  7. I love waking life! :)

    Yea, I've naturally lucid dreamed my entire life. I've had some amazing dream experiences. There most definitely seems to be higher intelligences that enter into my dreams sometimes, to teach me.
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    I've read about those, they're called Speakers, and they're personalities that were around since the time of the mayans and even before. Essentially what they do now rather than exist in our physical reality is guide others on their spiritual journey in the 'dream' realm. If I were you I would write down all the questions you wished you could ask and attempt to bring them to your dreams with you.

    I've had lots of extremely vivid dreams throughout my life, some I remember from the childhood as if they were a movie, but I don't recall ever becoming totally aware that I was dreaming, nor ever being approached by others. My brother claims he used to lucid dream all the time, even back when he was young, which amazed me because I had never heard of the idea before.

    Do you smoke at all before you go to sleep? I've found that I dream much less when I get high before sleeping, and since I've been on a break I've been able to recall dreams better.
  9. That is very interesting! There was a period of time that they were with me in every one of my dreams. At that time it literally seemed as though my "dream world" and "real world" were merging. As the character from Waking Life said, it was as if they were preparing me for something. It's like they were showing me how things were GOING TO be, and letting me experience it ahead of time, so that I could prepare.
  10. I had a dream with a very similar feeling to it. I remember being given eye drops by two mysterious figures, floating around in a space station. It must have been LSD cuz I was tripping balls within my dream, and when I woke up all I could think about was how it felt like I was being prepped, prepared. I feel like big things are coming for those of us paying attention to our minds and things metaphysical.
  11. [quote name='"DeadRock"']I had a dream with a very similar feeling to it. I remember being given eye drops by two mysterious figures, floating around in a space station. It must have been LSD cuz I was tripping balls within my dream, and when I woke up all I could think about was how it felt like I was being prepped, prepared. I feel like big things are coming for those of us paying attention to our minds and things metaphysical.[/quote]

    I've had similar dreams, but that doesn't mean people haven't been having them sine the start of time. The two most vivid dreams were this boot camp looking place, we were in line and this bitch was barking orders, she came up to me and said 'this your first time?' i told her i wasmt sure because it seemed all too familiar. She pulled the pin off a grenade and dropped it. What was reality what was dreaming? My emotions were all too real, the fear of being blown up was real, and yet I remained calm as I was aware of the dream. As i bent down to get it, the matrix changed programs and I was on my back porch. I awoke to astonishment. It was this very intense obe type experience as the scenario changed.

    Another one I remember was someone or something teaching me how to remove negative 'entities' (for lack of a better term, maybe you'd ratber 'projectioms') from impactin the psyche of my dreams. It was through a loving push out of m solar plexus area.

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