MORE HIGH. than you have ever been...

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  1. ive been blazin daily for a couple years now, always really dank mostly bongs.. just saying i have a tolerance. but anyways yesterday my friends made a gravity bong with a plastic vodka bottle with socket through the top and a bucket. i bought some fire off one of my guys and had been hittin the gravity bong all morning.. well around 1pm my friends tell me to yellow wall the whole bottle and clear it didnt think anything of it and did.. it was a pretty big bottle though anyways did it like twice and was chillin in my friends garage about 30 mins later after smoking it suddenly gets hard to stand and everything goes black:confused:. i was aware that i couldnt see or stand so not trying to act like a bitch and make a scene i tell my friend im gonna go chill in the tahoe and sit for a little. i figured it had somthin to do with my dark glasses:cool: and the dark garage.. so i remember my way straight outside and take my glasses off and it was really bright outside then all of a sudden EVERYTHING goes WHITE :eek: i could not see anything. at all. like seriously just blind i walk down the driveway towards the truck and walk straight into this truck... im thinking WHAT THE FUCK. pissed, confused and a little scared haha. i make my way to the other truck and sit down and for the next 10 minutes i was just completly blind and CRAZY high. my torso was tight my head was pounding and still blind... after i chilled for a little i came back down and vision slowely came back. but after that we went to the desert rolled a bomba and hit the bong and all was good. well anyways thats my story... off to the smokeshop to get a new piece yeaaaahh smoke on GC:smoke:
  2. text bomb....... break it up into paragraphs or the average stoner wont even bother reading

    That sounds sick as fuck lol, good or bad in ur opinion?

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