More great marijuana weed madness updates ahaha ha!

Discussion in 'General' started by ITZWEEDMAN!, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. I updated my site again this time I showed pictures of my bongs and my pipes and I talked about them and its great!!!! Its the My Pieces page youll see it just scroll down the site the site is now back in business to all my fans!! oh yeah and I smoked a fire 3 blunts just now of saome king bud i might write a story later!! check the updates!



  2. haha YES MAN!! hahahah i love it!

    your first bong looks like a limp penis.... hahahah.

    Keep up the good work my man!

    I want a 6 inch bong for 600$!!!!!!

  3. sigh....
  4. That site's wierd man. Kinda reminds me of that Taco Gangsta dude from soundclick.
  5. wow man! your sooo COOL! I wish i was more like you! i can only smoke 25 blunts in an hour, but your good!

    BTW, on your pics you coulda at LEAST whited out the " DRUG-PLAZA.COM" part...

    seriously, you'd get more respect telling the truth then stealing pics and telling lies, people like u give stoners a bad name
  6. Isnt this guy banned yet. Hes pasted the same bullshit on the another board about ihis site.
  7. i can't believe you guys are getting angry over it, i laughed my ass off! Are all of you normally this stuck up? Do you get angry at comedians on tv? Laugh, the guys either insane, or a jokester, or perhaps both...
  8. do you really think this guy knows what he's talking about? almost overdosed? ...37 times a day stoned?... if thats not even his best, what is? SMACK!

    shaboinger..... my word of the day... and im not lying... unlike SOME PEOPLE...
  9. this guy paid 340 for a metal piece. wtf?
  10. i think this guy is hilarious! stop giving him a hard time!

  11. that just gave me the shivers. ugh.

  12. Flaming will not be tollerated on this site.. If you feel the need to flame, leave thread, go to bath room or any other room, and do it looking in a mirror.. Once you do this, you'll understand why i say this!!!!
  13. wtf? are yous kidding! hes joking you seriously cant see that ..hes joking im confused why only 3 other poepl could see the man is joking!

    if even he wasnt no need to be so rude and angry about it ..if he was completley serious i would still laugh at him for being so stupid paying a $1,000,000 for a pound and $340 for a 3" pipe.
  14. i agree, in his site it says somewhere its just a joke, i honestly dont think its funny wat so ever

    greg, i warned you not to send

    this thread should be closed
  15. Flaming shouldnt be tolerated, but neither should trolling. If this guy comes on here posting bullshit like this how doesn anyone expect him not get ripped up? Its fucking annoying and disrespectful if you ask me.

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