More goverment scare tactics in Massachusett's

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  1. I copied and pasted this link out of the Boston Herald. Now they are trying to say child molesters are being let go because of fair marijuana law's. The Bullshit never stop's. I was happy to hear people refuse to pay the fine however.

    Pot Law Leaves Cops High & Dry
  2. they need to accept that the people voted for the law and it passed. who cares if people smoke out in the public, and who cares about a fuckin 100 dollar citation.
  3. Man if they don't fine cig smokers like that, then why would they fine marijuana smokers??

    It should go both ways. And fukk the [institutionalized] gov. they never did help america, let alone marijuana smokers
  4. The real reason they are pissed off it that like in the case of the child molester guy, they usually use weed as a catch-all to arrest suspicious people. If they don't like what you are doing or are suspicious of you then they could just say they smelled marijuana, and search you and etc. Now they actually have to their jobs and only arrest criminals.
  5. The guy was operating under the influence.. couldve been arrested..

    No where in the law we passed here in mass says its okay to smoke and drive..

    its the cops fault. He shouldv'e been arrested for DUI
  6. point and case, how i got arrested my first time. it was bullshit, the cop comes up to the car and is like "ok wheres the booze at guys? we know you got it" after a few minutes moving on to the next most common drug "ok guys wheres the weed at, i can smell it". bullshit
  7. So they were going to try to arrest a man for sitting in his car smoking weed because he had nyquill and ropes and shit? As long as there wasn't someone else in the car with him what were they going to arrest him for? They might as well have said "the man was drinking a glass on wine at his dinner table with various sexual items such at ropes / nyquill, but we could not arrest him because alcohol is no longer illegal"
  8. they couldve arrested him for DUI.. he was driving under the influence of a drug.. im sorry but if you caught driving and smoking you should be arrested.

    and pot is still illegal in mass.. the law..they couldve searched the entire car if they wanted.. they couldve arrested him for DUI.. They couldve done alot of things. Its just comes down to that cops are fucking lazy and didint feel like doing anything.

    if he was drinking a beer he wouldve been arrested even thought thats legal..
    "In East Boston, four teens spotted in a "smoke-filled vehicle" unabashedly told a cop they were "just smoking marijuana""


    They were...

    Just smoking marijuana.

    In East Boston, four teens spotted in a "smoke-filled vehicle" unabashedly told a cop they were "just smoking Meth""

    Go wild popo, go wild. ;)
  10. Hey i dont live in mass but if i went there then there mj law whould apply to me to right if i was caught? I want to go to salem for halloween and some toking. The law is for people from other states ofc yeah?
  11. Yeah, and you don't even have to give them your real name.
  12. okay if you give a cop a fake name.. thats a felonly.. how about this.. dont tell them any name..

    you have a right to your privacy. and thats private information

    And im sure pot doesn't help everyone's driving skills.. they certainly dont hope mine.. i tend to drift when im on the highway
  13. Uh oh looks like the cops can't make any more bullshit marijuana charges that must be at least 1/3 of all the arrests made.
    Fucking cops
  14. "At bustling Park Street Station, a pair of nonchalant lovers out on the town openly lit up a joint and continued toking even after confronted by off-duty Milton Chief Richard Wells."

    Annnnnd? Then... they killed everyone? Did anything?

    This is retarded, the cop is actually openly complaining that he no longer has the ability to arrest almost whoever he wants.

  15. Thats not true in all states, in most places your name is the only thing you must tell a cop, you can't just say nothing. Other than that you don't have to tell them anything else.

    This just points out the fact that most cops have come to rely on marijuana arrests to do their jobs, and meet their quotas. When you take that away from them, they aren't trained to be real police and just become lazy and confused.
  16. ahah this is funny. i was one of the first to get this stupid ticket in my town. i sent it back and told em i wanted a hearing. meanwhile the cop that gave me the sitation got fired. so no harm done to me...

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