more freakin rain

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by NaughtyDread, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. more rain for the next week on the east coast. im moving to the desert next year, tired of this rainy summer, i have never been through anything like it, except when i lived in florida. anyone else being affected?
  2. i would gladly give you more than half the weeks of rain weve had this summer. i mean it literally just rains here all the time. ive seen blue sky maybe a total of 3 weeks this summer. we had 13 straight weekends of rain. thats ridiculous
  3. its pouring now, i hope my cactus is alrite
  4. alrite yall good nite, lightning strikes are directly overhead
  5. Fla sucks for rain. I went there on vacaion once and it rained evey day. Dam man you grow cactus, shrooms, and weed! Ny isnt that bad but we had like total of 3 seperate weeks of every day rain and thunder.
  6. i live in virginia and the rain has bean shitty but i am next to mountains so i gett less of it and the plants i grew with a friend loved it
  7. i know that place well! VERY well, were bouts in the ol commonwealth?
  8. oh yeah it rained today!
  9. west of charlottesville in a small town called Afton. its good for growing to an unreal extent or at tleast to me

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