More corrupt cops. At least this one is being investigated

Discussion in 'General' started by mushroomsatsuji, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. GBI investigating Turner Co. Sheriff - Live, Local, Late Breaking news, weather, and sports
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    Thank god, finally a cop is being investigated i hope he goes to jail or something, arresting people for marijuana possesion and then steeling it :mad:

    It's good he was giving it to someone with cancer but it still doesn't justifie his actions corrupt police need to be disaplined, there's just to many at the moment. And whether he was actually "giving it to a cancer patient" is questinable
  3. Gave it to a cancer patient? Sounds like he was trying to help someone out..

  4. Or he wasn't actually giving it to cancer patient possibly he was just keeping it for himself and just said that so the person that got it for him wouldn't say anything :confused:

    Anyway maybe the weed was taken from a cancer patient or some kind of medical user, that's what happens most of the time anyway, i personally don't believe he was actually giving it to a cancer patient but i could be wrong
  5. But hes breaking the law! All must be equal under the law!
  6. Idk that shit doesn't make sense anyways, where the fuck is this place?

    the sentence in the article shroom bolded has a pretty bad typo in it

    now I'm thinking that's why he made the thread
  7. Sounds like that cancer patient was himself ;)
  8. Sounds like a thief who belongs in jail but redistributing seized cannabis to medical patients is definitely better than destroying it.
  9. cmon hes trying to give weed to some one with cancer.

    give him a break.

    has a cop ever let you go for anything?
  10. i dont appreciate celebration every time a cop fucks up, especially for something like this.

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