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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by josh420P, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. having only been high three times and being locked up inside a basement each time i havent had the chance to really explore nature when high... does it make nature much more beautiful?

    how would u compare it to say.. being drunk and watching a sunset because i have done that and think its much nicer when drunk than sober, would like to hear wat people think of it when high?
  2. Being High in nature is probably one of the biggest reasons I wouldn't Kill myself.. It is Amazing. I prefer the outdoors and it makes all the world worth living.. My suggestion borrow a few bowls from a friend or buy a bag and go have an experience of your own or with a dog.. On a mountain side or trail and yes a sunset.. Go camping with friends. Go disc golf... Be outside man(dont get caught) See me I could light up in the cops face and he would just have too deal.. But thats your future
  3. yeah, nature is definitely much more beautiful when high. i love going to the local county park and walking (if i'm not TOO baked) or else driving around the trail. or if i'm feeling real crazy i'll go to some woods and toke up. oh yeah
  4. Nothing more can be said. But it's not just nature, EVERYTHING involving the outdoors is fun when you're blazed (except in some cases where you're maybe "too high", if that happens to you).

    Sports, riding a bike, throwing a frisbee, chillin on the beach, rock climbing are all ones I have done personally. :smoking:
  5. oh ok thats kool, next time i am high i will definetely make the effort to explore nature...

    i am a self proclaimed nature nethusiast
  6. locked in a basement?
  7. hahaa. Man your crazy. Go explore.
  8. Nothing is better than sitting in a circle with your friends at an open, discreet field, toking up under the sun
  9. Nature is awesome without weed, with..only can help. ;)
  10. Yah, nature is the most perfect thing I have ever experienced. Get high, go for a walk in the woods and don't pick a destination, just let yourself wander.
  11. Yeah just don't get lost.

    I decided to go on an 'Acid Walk' not too long ago on my buddy's property. I was lost for a good 20 minutes thinking I was seeing Moose and whatnot.

    Fucking deer trails confuse the hell outta me, lots of sharp right turns. :confused:

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