More Arrests for Pot than Violent Crimes

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    This is from February, so it could have changed since then. Still..

  2. but i thought marijuana use and violent crime went hand in hand :rolleyes:
  3. The one for violent crime should e more. And the one for marijuana should be 663,032 less.
  4. The drop after Obama's election seems to be pretty steep if it continues that way.
  5. I don't think any drop in marijuana related arrests can be directly attributed to Obama, in anyway.
  6. That's because the violent criminals started smoking weed. The cops and the law are both rediculous.
  7. But marijuana iz not a victimless crimdle.

    Think about all tue families effected!

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    Maybe not, but it makes him look good nonetheless. I don't know what caused it but it's always nice to see fewer people getting locked up for victimless crimes.
    I know, right? Don't they know marijoowana use can lead to psychosis and severe death?
  10. Considering obama ordered dea raids on medical dispenseries...

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    How many people are going to remember that 10 years from now? Statistics will be shown about how weed legalization really started during his term, and the idea will be attributed to him. That's all JC is saying. Nowhere does he imply that he thinks it's true, he's just saying what people will see.
  12. How are things in the two legalized states now? It's been a while since they legalized but does that mean they have a nice legal weed industry going?
  13. Ive been arrested about nine times if not more for weed possession. I was court ordered to go to rehab for marijuana use. Lmfao. The rehabs director released me very early claiming how ridiculous it was. I live in Texas. Its not really as gun happy as ppl think. Weeds pretty easy to get here. So is coke. And everything else mexico leaks into our country.

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  14. Of coarae. History is written by the winners

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  15. detroit is bankrupt lol

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    we are just now getting legal dispensaries going so its been a slow start for Michigan.
    and so you know, theres allot more to michigan then detroit..
    Detroit is downright embarassing to the rest of the state...
  17. I was being silly. I realize turning on an econony isnt like turnibg on a light switch.

    Anyone who thinks legalizing weed will insantly fix the econony is just as silly as me

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    I meant the two states that legalized fully, Washington and another one, right? Was Michigan the other?

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