Moral Dilemma:(

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    Well, how to word this...

    Its summer, haven't smoked in 5 months because i got caught by my parents:/
    They say they'll call the cops and kick me out the house if they catch me doing it again.
    I also promised my mum I'd never do it again unfortunately, I cant not do it.
    What would you do, you promised your crying mother you wouldn't do it again, would you?

  2. Break your promise, get kicked out, and get arrested. Hmm that's a tough decision.
  3. Nice use of semicolon, albeit somewhat incorrectly.
  4. i dont break promises i make to my mother...
    then again, she'd never ask me to make a promise like this, im an adult and am responsible for my own decisions...
    did you honestly think you COULD? or did you just "promise" her to make her stop crying?
  5. Seriously. This is a moral dilemma?

    Just smoke without her finding out. When you go out, bring some hand sanitizer so your hands don't reek. Wear an extra shirt you can change into so your clothes don't reek.

    My parents are fucktards, and I get away with it just fine.
  6. I wouldn't have promised my mother this, and thus I would never break a promise to my mother.

    Grow up. Get a job. Move out. Do what you want.

    The same simple plan goes for everyone who chooses to live with their parents.
  7. Honestly, if I were you in this situation, and the consequences were this extreme, and you'd made an honest promise to your mother, I'd hold off untill you've got your own place.

    I'm assuming you're 18, so how close are you to moving out?

  8. Why not? Is the weed holding a gun to your head and forcing you to smoke it?
  9. Just don't smoke till you move out.

    You are 18 (right?) so why not get a job and move out if you want your freedom so badly?

    Their house, their rules.
  10. muy, muy simpatico.

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