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MoonlightHigh ... where or why?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 25, 2003.


Why has She not been in contact or replied?

  1. All forms of communication have been blocked through lack of function or other disruption. (virus/bl

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  2. Something has occured to make her not want to speak to you. ie, you fucked up digit.

    0 vote(s)
  3. Something has occured to make her not want to speak to you. ie, she went clinically insane.

    0 vote(s)
  4. Something bad happened... "they" had been listening to your conversations and through the patriot a

    0 vote(s)
  5. Something bad happened... "they" had been listening to your conversations and through the patriot a

    0 vote(s)
  6. Something bad happened... She was in an accident and is either dead or severly injured/incapicted.

    0 vote(s)
  7. Something bad happened... Alien Abduction.

    0 vote(s)
  8. Something bad happened... She found someone better... an Orlando Bloom X Johnny Depp lookalike hipp

    0 vote(s)
  9. She never really loved ya in the first place... it was all a ploy. expect to see pictures of your a

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  10. you are a fucking dickhead Digit... what a fucking moron... how could you not know why she doesnt wa

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  1. no wonder my post count has dropped and i feel so farkin depresso.
  2. what do you mean!?!
  3. Maybe she was actually some dirty old man who's finished with this site.
  4. Where's the option in the poll for the dirty old man idea? :D
  5. vote for the second last one then if you must fellas. if thats what you think.
  6. I voted for the first one. Y'all seemed to get a long well. Of course, I could prolly be grouped in the fucking typical male asshole group and just not see that you did something wrong either. It's hard to tell with girls.
  7. pft...shit happens, she probably just doesn't have comp access for one reason or another.

    btw digit get on ICQ fs :p
  8. last i heard from her was one line on the 16th and no more.

    "hey baby, just got home from work...hope you are having a great you"

    doesnt really explain much.

    but i do know she was having some computer problems, she said she had them fixed though. maybe. i think it was the 21st she was heading back to college too... so... idk... i can't really call her now since she's like 400 miles from that phone line or something.
    maybe things will change on the 28th. idk why.. i just have a feeling about the 28th.


    fucking hell this sux the big one. :(
  9. humm.. i dont know what to think... shes broken im guessing
  10. I voted for the johnny depp lookalike hippie dude sorry

  11. thats ok man... you only have 6 posts so, sorry, but i'm not taking your vote too seriosly. ;p meh heh.
  12. go digit go digit, you showed him ..::dances::.. ..::twists anckle, falls over::.. OW!!
  13. she must be detained by some obstical or another, i don't think she would break contact with you unless it was a good reason.

    of course i may be wrong and it is just a dirty old man
  14. can I vote twice???
  15. It had better be the first one!

    I'm sorry you haven't talked to her. I know it hurts.

    I'm sending ~comforting~ vibes to you, Digit!
  16. I am not aiming to depress you but all happens for a reason* I truly believe so ride the wave! as they say it'll all work out
  17. aaww dig, i'm sure everythings fine. i feel for ya tho, i wish u the best of luck:D
  18. fuckin aliens . . . . .allways stealing my pay cheak. . . .and my weed. . . and my anal fluid . . . and possibly your girl friend ;)

    Naw probly got a new computer or couldn't pay the phone bill,no sweat bud
  19. The second last option is a bit suspect, you sent her pictures of your ass?
  20. hey mj, dont worry about it. :p :) only joshin ya.

    thnx daisy, thnx rumjil (feelin the vibes).

    mightyjb.... uhhh.... no. of course i didnt. that would be a silly thing to do wouldnt it. ... uh-oh.

    oh, and critter.... forgot to mention i'm sending out some free critter vibes for the 28th. ;)

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