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moochers are thieves, don't let them into your house.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bongin Shaman, May 20, 2010.

  1. If anyone stole my girls i would get even

    I don't even care what the cost.
  2. lol you dont know who were dealing with at all.

    even if i had a small army i would not be able to break their barriers.
  3. just if anyone has a friend that likes to get burnt out by you a lot, i would consider not burning him out and not hanging out with him lol,
  4. seriously hate this kid lol
  5. that joint he offered was probably your weed lol, sounds like this kids got some nerve
  6. I would have smoked the joint with him haha and then told him get the fuck out.
  7. hmm My cousin is probably my closest relative, We smoke daily, I smoke him out every day because he is only 16 and doesnt have a job yet. And sht, He is my cousin. He is family, I let him stay over my house every day.

    I could leave him at my house alone for hours,and I know nothing would be stolen and if anything is lost or stolen then i probably lost it Smoking with family is great. He also pitches in when he can, IN a good week he probbaly can provide 2-4 grams lol
  8. I know someone like that. Hes in rehab now.
  9. i knew a guy. guy was a thief. he even got caught up and went to jail for robbing some guys he didn't know.
  10. i loved the formatting. very easy to read.

    about your story, how could you let that kid leave your house??? i would have made him wait while i check if shit is missing and then wreck him.
  11. I nip devins in the bud. I'm one of those guys that are testing the fuck out of you...smoke you out twice the third time i have no weed, claim to have had a shitty day...say if they could smoke with me that'd be awesome.

    But yeah this Devin person would've gotten the boot a looong time ago.
  12. It wasn't until he left that i realized something was wrong so i checked my stash.

    If i knew i would have taken it back and kicked him the fuck out.

    he said he lost the bud too..... lol..

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