moochers are thieves, don't let them into your house.

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  1. i know this kid who surpasses all the mooching expectations that i could

    ever imagine, lets call him D, the D is for Devin because i dont give a shit

    about that kid. It really amazes me how someone can smoke weed and yet

    never have weed, i dont understand how that works but whatever,

    Whenever we used to burn, this was before i kicked him the fuck out of my

    house because i caught the bitch stealing weed from me, he would always

    take the fattest hits you could imagine because you could just tell he wasn't

    going to get a chance to burn anywhere else because he has none.

    One time me and my friend were smoking a bowl out of my bubbler,

    Devin shows up, were not surprised at all because he shows up "randomly"

    when he knows theres a burn session going on. He invites himself in and sits

    down, it was funny shit, were not assholes and i had a lot of weed at the

    time so we pass the bub his way, he just rips the fattest hit he can, and

    coughes his ass off, smoking more than half of the bowl, which was very

    good sized

    my friend was like "try taking smaller hits, just brush the lighter against

    the weed" hes like "you ever try not telling people what to do?" im like "you

    just take fat hits because you wont be able to burn again today haha," he

    gets all defensive like "i get weed all the time, i just give it away" and we

    laugh at that because its such a fucking lie, that fucker would come to my

    house every fucking day, sometimes i would throw him a bowl because i felt

    sorry for him because he never had any weed ever, then i stopped burning

    him out because he was such a mooch it wasnt even funny, he would act

    like a total dick when i wouldnt burn him out. I didnt care because i just

    ignored him most of the time.

    But seriously this kid had weed maybe once every 3 months, i used to

    be friends with him but i sensed something a little off about him the whole

    time i knew him.

    heres where things get fucked up, i was watching TV, and of course

    devins there, i see him walk into my room, and im like looking over there, i

    hear a fucking glass jar being opened, i walk over there, hear more glass

    jars, this time being closed fast, i get in my room and im like "what the fuck

    are you doing in here" hes like "nothing" with a wierd look on his face.. then

    hes like "i got to go man" and leaves, i look at the jar, put the events

    together and call him up, making him confess that he stole my weed, his

    excuse was "i just took a little, i was gonna pay you back tomorrow" i was

    fuckin pissed the fuck off, the next day he comes over with a fucking joint

    like that will make me forgive him for something that is just beyond fucking

    disrespectful, fucking horrible, so i kick him the fuck out, and tell him to

    never fucking come around my neighborhood again. If i see that kid again

    im going to shoot him with my gun lol.

    anyone else know a moocher of this magnitude (by the way he did way

    more shit that i didnt have time to write about, like steal my fucking car.)
  2. First off, if this faggot just walked in your bedroom and you heard the glass bein opened and he looked all guilty, I would have searched him and if I found the bud, I would just deck him in a heartbeat and kick his ass in my house, then drag him out to my door and leave him on my steps.
  3. yeah i didn't realise that the sounds were jars being opened until after i called him, the only reason i figured it out was because the smallest bit of weed was missing from the jar.

    lol it was like half a bowl.
  4. wow what an asshole

    good thing I don't know any people like this haha
  5. Damn brah. That was actually a well written piece. Really gave me a sense of how much of a prick the kid is.
  6. thanks braddah, im just glad i dont have to see that kid again.
  7. wow what a fucking dick
  8. haha a kid a used to know took a dudes weed without him knowing and smoked about a 1/8th when the kid wanted his weed from him and noticed it missing he basically threw him outside and kicked the crap out of him

    moochers like that i find are almost as bad as snitches
  9. beat the crap outta him

    but what other stuff did he do? he stole your fucking car? WTF I gotta hear that
  10. You should kick him in the testicles
  11. i would have taken his joint then made him get the fuck off my property:wave:
  12. i was in cali when it happened, he decided to take my car for a spin because i guess he figured out where my keyes were, my sister went to check on my house and called us when she saw the car gone, we called him and yelled at him and shit and made him take the car back, which he did.

    He said he put gas in it and washed it haha, i dont think that happened. He didnt think he was stealing anything, he just figured he could borrow it without his permission.

    he is also partly responsible for 3 of my plants being stolen......

    fuck i need to steal this assholes laptop and break it in front of him, and then smash his guitar lol.

    or smash the guitar over his head and drag him somewhere deserted while hes passed out hahaha

    im not too serious but i think i might do some of that.
  13. well shit u take that joint then kickem out haha
  14. Did you at least take the joint when he offered?
  15. i said fuck you take the joint and leave i dont need a fuckin joint lol
  16. You handled that better than me. esp the car

  17. awww man :(

    I would've taken it gladly knowing im not going to forgive him and knowing thats probably all the weed he had haha
  18. made me lol haha:hello:
  19. lol, i woulda smoked the joint and made him pay me back and then kick em out. ahaha
  20. this alot

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