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moochers are thieves, don't let them into your house.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Bongin Shaman, May 20, 2010.

  1. haha, i feel you man I mean i'm pretty broke at the time but i caught this kid stealing bud from me when i was smoking him out at my house, and he was flirting with my girlfriend and smoking in my room when i had told him 5 times to go outside.. so i threw my wallet at his head and kicked him out :D
  2. Do everything you said. And more.
  3. I had a lightbulb stolen from me once, even after I told someone they couldn't have it 4 times.
    So yes.
    I actually do know someone like that.
  4. He did all that shit because he knew he could get away with it...Beat the shit out of him. You could have at least pressed charges with your car? He brokeinto your fucking house and took your keys? Get some revenge god damn..
  5. It's funny because I know someone named Devin who acts the same way the OP's dude does.
  6. not all people are into revenge man (i am just sayin mabey bongin doesnt like to solves his problems by righting a wrong with another wrong)

    dont get me wrong i woulda took the joint beat his ass threw him out my house an threw a brick threw his window (havnt done it to my parasite old friends because they live in an apartment an i dont wanna make the manager pay for the shit)
  7. jah mon, why send out more bad vibes they dont fix anything.
  8. this is true =] lol i guess i should just get over it an get on with my life (already have perty much) still pissed that i lost my dealer an middle man because of it tho lol
  9. Moochers are the WORST. Most of the time they get into this mindset that they are somehow entitled to whatever it is that they are mooching from you.

    A lot of people think they can take advantage of me because I'm a nice guy. It's easy to spot a moocher, or someone who only hangs around because it benefits them in some way. Most people dont say anything to people who pull this kind of crap but I always call someone out of being a mooch.

    So many people have taken advantage of the fact that Im always down to chill and Im always gonna pack a bowl. It doesnt take long to see who just shows up to "dank and dash" and let them know that they arnt welcome anymore

    Dont let people get away with this crap or they will continue to do it and it just gets worse and worse
  10. I know someone like this, almost as bad but wouldn't ever try stealing from anyone because he would get stomped by the smallest kid you could imagine(hes an alright size, about 210+ pounds). Anyways, whenever me and my buddies would toke up, usually a blunt or 2 whenever we smoke, he would randomly show up and invite himself into the rotation. He always knew when we were about to smoke, like he was watching us out his window or he has a sixth sense and can tell whenever someone is about to smoke. Also, sometimes we'd be smoking and he would always say, "when I get a job(hes about 22), im gunna by a bunch of weed and smoke you guys out." Hasn't happened yet.

    So about 3 months ago me and my friend went over, with a few grams of some mids, and offered to smoke with him if he had a blunt. We smoked the blunt and left without smoking our weed, and he was talking shit behind our back. He's housebound and will not come outside or say anything to us, but will continuously talk shit behind our back and say he can kick our ass.

    People like this should be 6 feet under.
  11. This. Fucking moochers bro...glad i don't know anyone like that.
  12. Honestly everybody will mooch at one point or another but most of us have the respect and kindness to try and next time pick up a sack and share what was once burned of another's. This bitchass you talking about has no morals and no god damn trust if hes jacking your shit and you're smoking him out almost everyday. I mean I understand not all of us got that bread and sometimes can't match a homie but common you have to at least be kind enough to be real and not jack people's shit. People these days man, have all these fiend personalities.
  13. My father has always told me, if you can count your friends on more than one hand, you have to many.

    Most people, that you think are your friend, aren't. Sadly this seems to be the case much more often when you are a) young or b) use drugs.

    When times are good, everyone is around, but if times get hard, people have a tendency to scatter.
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  14. Most real statement in this whole thread
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  15. true bro, this kid doesnt have any morals, he was just overtaken by such greed it consumed him, and now most of the people i know just stay away from him because they know hes a fuckin thief.
  16. did i mention that he stol emy weed?
  17. i hate it when people mooch constantly. i really dont mind smoking someone out if they havent got any weed once in a while, giving them a cig, a drink..etc. but everyday? fuck that....and taking weed from ur property when your in it, stealing ur car AND plants...
    he's goin to learn the hard way from someone (if it's not u)
    i can smell a moocher from miles away;)
  18. he didnt steal my plants but i am pretty sure some kids he brought over one time did, they were big hawaiian mutha fuckas so theres no way of getting it back
  19. Damn my names Devin, but thats not me you were talking about lol, for a sec my heart skipped a beat cause i go over to a guys house sometimes and smoke his weed cause he has a SHIT load, but ive never stolen from him... and im not a douche bag
  20. lol thats funny shit, my advice to you is to never steal anything ever.

    one time i devin was telling my friend a long time ago about how to make a "cool" pipe by stealing a copper tube from costco and some parts from ace hardware and put it together haha...

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