Month old plants......fem?

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  1. Heres my plants about 1 month old, mor or less, i took a few pics of teh sex sites, they raen't fully developed just wondering if anyone could tell me now if the plant in the pic is female.

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  2. by the look of the branches and wat not i saw female...looks like pictels (cant spell it damn it) instead of balls lol..
  3. I cannot see any preflowers yet. Try again later.

    I posted some pics on a thread about sexing, have a look for that one. DevilDank was the originator.

    It is the sort of info. that should be on a sticky, but doesn´t appear to be. I would be happy to post a sticky, but don´t know how.

    I must say the FAQs on this forum are nothing like as good as on the late lamented OG. This sort of basic newbie info just isn´t there.
  4. they look like girls to me except that last pic i cant really tell but the other close ups of the stems are damn sure female. good luck and treat you girls right.
  5. Too early to tell. Have they even gone to 12/12 yet?
  6. too early to tell, that is green leaf growth out the nodes not pistils, pistils are white, wait another week and i bet you'll know the sex.
  7. This is the outdoor growing forum.

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