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  1. Hi fellow growers anyone had this strain and what was your results did it like heavy or light feeds im in 2nd week flower dwc first time using this system 600w hps running fluro trio ec is in range 600 to 700 ppm ph constant 5.5 watertemp is stable at 18 just statred getting clmag issues but dealt with it getting taco down and clwing dowm leafes but ony on sugar leafes room temp 26 deg day 22 night plenty of air flow roots are peart white not sure what else to do have used a fungus dose just incase made no diff added pics are these flowers the right sie for this stage of flower last dwc grow for me going back to coco any help would be appreciated

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  2. Back off that Nitrogen, leave's are way to dark green & their clawing really bad.
    Best of luck...
  3. Im using general hydroponics trio at 10 litres it says 2.5 ml i normaly dont use nitrgen this stage of grow as this a new product im trying
  4. your ph is at the lower limit. Man from 5.5 to 6.5 most commonly in the 5.8 zone.
  5. I would have thought .3 would do nothing the nueits i use recomend 5.5 atm its at 5.7 dwc sux going back to my old method coco
  6. Hmm ya. New product with a new growing method might be a reason.

    Other then that I'm out of water now
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  7. Yeah m8 spent ges trying to sell dwc i ended up trying it never again just flushed lowered feed down should have stayed with h@g oh well we learn the hard way

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