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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by michganman, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. I remember in the past couple years there has been a large plant thread where growers can show off their big girls and compare soil mixes and techniques so I thought I would start one. I miss the old nor cal growers posts like RichardDean, MJmamma, zombie farms etc. Those people had it really dialed in, and the outdoor section has lost some luster. So drop pics of your monsters for others to admire and ask questions, I think it would be a good thing for newbies and even others trying to get their yields up. Or just show off, who cares.

    I'll start with mine, which look like babies compared to some I have seen on here, but I'm proud of what I've accomplished with very little money spent.
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  2. did you start your plants indoors? what do you do to get them that big? what kind of support system do you use for your plants?
  3. Started indoors from reg seeds, sexed immediately, dug large holes, amended with my own soil mixes. Top dressed and fed teas. Trellised with 6 foot stakes and netting. I only get about 7 hours of direct light in my location
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  4. I understand why everyone starts indoors before putting the plants outside. Those women are tall as all getup. How much could you yield off one plant?
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  5. It's hard to say I know from this one I did in the past I got a lb and half

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  6. But that was in a 30 gallon pot. I'm in ground this year, it's hard to say, too many variables
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  7. Wow that plant right there was pretty darn big. With plants that tall can you grow without support or yes you definitely need support with that height?
  8. yeah that does make sense. with a pot that plant was limited to where the root could reach out to
  9. Yeah. Ideally bushy is the way to go, with trellis and support. It was propped on it's side on a ladder. That was a 6 foot privacy fence in the background
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  10. where do you get fencing that tall?
  11. Good ole Menards. Those stakes are only like 6.99 for a 6 pack
  12. That is not bad. Thank you for your information
  13. No problem
  15. Dude, simply beautiful. Great looking garden.
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  16. Thanks man
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  17. I'm so envious! I'm a native Michigander myself but now reside in the desert. I sure do miss the green landscape of MI.
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  18. Yeah it's a great state man, presents it's challenges growing sometimes though. I don't think we can get massive 12lb plants out here like they do in California
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  19. I know it does, you are correct, it's pretty hard to get that all day intense light like Cali. But hey, how much does one man need right? 10lb plants are nothing to sneeze at. Lol
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  20. Michganman. Your plants look great! Thanks for sharing!
    Here are a few of mine. They're not monsters but they are decent. Yield will be 2 lbs per plant by the time that they are done. They should stretch another foot by the time they are ready. In final transition now. All clones. Orange Cookies, Sunset Sherbet. Sucking up a LOT of water in these triple digit temps we have been having.
    IMG_2492.JPG IMG_2494.JPG IMG_2495.JPG
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