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  1. Hey guys hope all your grows are going well this will be my 4th grow need some advice :)

    This is proberly the wrong place to post this im not too sure...

    Ive just build a grow space (walk in wardrobe) which is L5.5 x W3.5 x H7.5 ft.

    Im going to be using a XXL Aircooled light which has duel 600w sylvainan duel spec bulbs.

    Im not sure weather to go soil or coco as i plan on vegging for a while to lollypop and top/fim and try and supercrop as much as possible as i want to fill the grow space with loads of tops of 2 plants is this possible if so?!

    What medium should i go for?
    What nutes?
    Pot sizes strain ect..

    As u can proberly tell im new to grow bigger plants lol

    Cheers for any tips and happy growing/smoking 🌳🍁
  2. if you grow in soil I will help you all the way
    I grow large plants in soil under aircooled hoods with 600w hps,
    often pull 6-8oz's per plant of high qualty dank bud
  3.  what kind of soil/nutrients to you use and what size containers? Very interested  :smoke:
  4. I'm doing the same thing, 2 giant plants in a 4x8, 600w over each plant. 20 gal fabric pots, organic supersoil, self-watering system. Hoping for a nice yield like joe60 :smoke:
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    I would like help you both pull a yeild like mine
    will be flowering some more plants in the next couple of weeks
    over time I have learnt whats works when I grow
    crop after I am pulling yeilds like this :)

    one of the most basic thing that most growers don't know
    Is the plants only need to be 18 high (max 24") (600w hps)
    as the top 12" of the canopy is where all the best bud will be.
    all the rest will be airy buds at best.
    Think of the root system as a pump, the shorter the distance between the roots and buds the less enegy the plant needs to use to pump the nutes up to the bud sites
    if the side branches/main stem are short, there more likey to be thicker and stronger, inturn able to hold more weight
    so I keeping the plants short helps loads to increase yeild 
    my plants I just chopped, the shortest one being 14" high  and the tallest one was about 18" hight
    the longest bud site was less than a foot, just grow loads of them to take all the light the plants could and max the yeild,
  6. Good point joe, that's worked for me in the past. My plants would be 3' tall if they weren't splayed out flat, being very aggressive with my training, 12" max at this point. I'd scrog it but I'm too lazy to build the rigs. :bongin:

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