monster ganja plants of nepal

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    i started growin marijuana after comin to nepal n here the plants gets huge.. i cant wait to see how my plants will look in a month time... here r a few pics i took a forthnight ago n there is my lil dog guardin my ganja haha.. i just love lookin at them from my room. its such a pleasing sight... here is a video...

    [ame=""]YouTube - two huge ganja plant in my backyard..[/ame]

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  2. That is fucking insane!
  3. nice plants and nice dog. what type of strain is it?
  4. fucking wicked
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    i dont know the strains but my dog is a lab n he is 8 months old.. n i named him dirk, yeah after dirk nowitzki of the dallas mavericks...
  6. any updates?
  7. [ame=]YouTube - two huge ganja plant in my backyard.. 2[/ame]
  8. hot damn those are nice. :smoke::hello:
  9. [ame=]YouTube - my backyard medical marijuana plant[/ame]
  10. Those are some fine looking trees! Hope you have a fun time come harvesting!
  11. infact i harvested half the plant alredy
  12. [ame=""]YouTube - nepalese marijuana tree harvest[/ame]
    here is the harvest

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