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Monster Donkey Dick Harvest!!!!

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Pothead Pete, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. Okay everyone here at the city, I have been growing for almost a year now and my results just keep getting better and better. This monster of an indoor plant was six feet tall and had to weigh over a pound(be it she isn't dried out yet). I expext the dry finished weight to be around a quarter pound!! I smoked some of her baby sister and let me tell you it is a very CLEAR and potent high!!! This is definately not headache weed. It is the best I have grown so far....and I owe it all to a generous seed donation from one of the members here at Grasscity.......

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  2. the buds were so heavy that the branches almost broke on her.......

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  3. of a very heavy DONKEY DICK COLA!!!!!!

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  4. right on!!!! lookin good!!!!!

    lol donkey dick!! had to check it out;)..........
  5. resin glands!!! HE HE HE!!!! Here's one more...

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  6. Shit piss thats great. Is it just an indoor mix, or what strain?
  7. The West Coast seedcompany out of British Columbia. They go for 35$Canadian for 10. I planted 3 and they all turned out to be females!!! I also have a decent sized clone in vegetative growth. I plan on Harvesting a very nice looking White Widow beauty within the next two weeks also. The smell of the Donkey Dick is actually quite Skunkish!!! And it smokes ULTRA smooth. The high is a very clear and amusing buzz,not tooo heavy!!! I love this stuff and give it definately two thumbs up!!!!
  8. Holy fuck does that look good, it's so white and beautiful man, I give you props on the fine grow, hope my first harvest is that good.
  9. HIGH All, very nice Pothead Pete!!!! The DD is a Vancouver Island original and yes skunky. Thinking maybe I'll start some DD...it's been awhile. If you can...you should see the size of Buds when in a 20L Bucket and put on 12/12 when 2 feet tall.
    Enjoy your fruits of your labour..you deserve it.
  10. jesus....happy smokin man,,.

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