Monster Clones - grow technique?

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  1. I hope I’m in the right section.

    I took 6 clones off my BBK at 3 weeks into flower. 5 survived. I have them in a 3x3, Mars TSW 2000, 3 gal fabric pots, promix hp, and was feeding them the GH flora trio full line. Switching to Megacrop I think. Much easier. I hope the results are the same as the GH line.

    Anyway, what I am asking, is what grow techniques do you guys recommend for my setup? Let them go, top them (they already branched out on their own), scrog, etc?

    I’m trying to get the max yield, obviously. This is my first time with monster clones. Never heard of it before. Pics included. Thanks everyone! I love this community.

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  2. some light LST is good here or just let them go
    you gotta see the roots are still developing

    good luck
  3. Such as? I’ve tied down the tops so far.
  4. That is all they should need.

  5. just treat them almost like regular plants you wont need to top them though and they will mature very fast I just do LST by tying them down those look almost close to flipping back to 12/12 good job
  6. Wow thanks. Would you scrog them, or let them come up naturally?

    Almost ready to flip? They are still so small. I’m still dialing in timing lol.
  7. So, thanks for the replies. Would you guys end up scrogging at all?
  8. i prefer to use stakes instead my last run of 3 monster clones gave me almost 4 pounds i like to be able to rotate my plants and or move them if needed to water trim etc so the scrog prevents that IMG_20221116_132528062.jpg
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  9. i would veg those until Jan 1st and flip at midnight but i like flipping on the 1st of the month keeps it easy to remember the weeks
  10. Jan 1st? I don’t know if there’l they’ll wait that long.

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  11. I staked my last grow. And that sounds like a better method. I like to be able to move pots if I have to.
  12. how about christmas morning ? i like mine to reach 3ft or 36 inches before flip plus true monsters dont stretch as much because they are already preflowering for weeks
  13. 3ft?? lol mine are about 10” to a foot. They are in a 6ft tent. Light and scrubber take up a good portion of that. Enlighten me. I’m here to learn.
  14. If I let them grow taller, they cramp each other. My last grow was two plants, from seed, and they cramped each other. What am I doing wrong, or missing?

    pic of the last grow. BBK and WW

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  15. i forgot about the headroom thing i have 8 ft ceilings and grow 5 ft plants
  16. I would, but I have to be stealthy.
  17. Alright, farmers. Here is a visual of my height allowance. This is where I get confused. I would want them to get taller, of course. My problem isn't height, per se, but width. The plants fill out and cramp each other width-wise.

    I understand there are 5 plants in there, all monster clones. Gonna be tight. So, its a 2-part question, I guess.

    1. What is the general consensus on this grow? When should I flip?
    2. With a regular grow (non monster clones), same question.

    I feel I'm either sacrificing height (which really lowers the yield), or I'm sacrificing width, meaning they bump into each other, and suffer due to light penetration.

    I love these forums. Best group of people, with fast response times! :thankyou:
  18. IMO… don’t wait so long to flip. Those three footers will turn into trees depending on the genetics. Plants can easily double ( or triple ) in height/ size during the first three weeks of flower. For my set up I’ll pack a 24” x 48” planter with at least 12 plants, in three rows of four. They are spaced about a foot apart. I use clones and usually transplant into the beds when they are about 8-12”. Two weeks of veg in the beds and then flip them when they are well established and healthy. By this time they are around 16” tall, mega healthy and growing through the first layer of trellis. Any scrogging or LST is done by now.
    After the 3 week mark into flowering, they end up being around 2.5- 3’ tall and the beds are absolutely packed with growth. I run lots of fresh air for ventilation though, and do a fair amount of defoliating at specific times.
    Here’s a pic of packed beds
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  19. Very nice!! I have been defoliating also. And LST (bending the tops down only).

    Will these still stretch that much, being the clones were taken from week 3 flowering? The last grow (from seed) didn’t stretch as much.

    There is so much headroom in there still. I have a net, also.
  20. And they aren’t three footers lol. They are about a foot tall.

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