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  1. So I was playing this online game and you pick a table to join. I saw one table that was started by a person with the screenname something with '420' and 'sativa' in it. :hello: Soooooo I joined their table. We chatted a little bit. A dude from Canada, close to B.C. It was fun, talking a little bit. He won... Boo. But I did mention GC and said how there was a great online shop and how it was a real cool place to chill and stuff and how the people are awesome. I don't know if he will, but he said he'd check it out. I hope I didn't do anything wrong by mentioning GC. It'd be cool if he kept the same name and joined, or saw this thread or something.

  2. No, I see nothing wrong with it. You were simply advertising GC and helping it grow. Good job BT! How's life with iPack?

  3. I can't stand monopoly.
  4. haha me either Rasta, my nephew wanted to play with me(he doesnt really get the rules) and we ended up stopping after like 20 minutes..who the hell can stand to play the whole game.....ridiculously long time to finish that thing

    BTW, agree with what AFD said, nicely done
  5. Risk, now there is a game.
  6. i'd kick your ass in risk :p
  7. awwww snap, we need some online risk going on!

    it probably exists somewhere.
  8. probably, find it and lemme kno
  9. lol monopoly....confuses the hell outta stratego...i can beat any 1 of u
  10. What site were you playing at?
  11. Meh, monopoly kicks my ass too, lol.
    But that's cool that you found a monopoly stoner. They should make a pothead monopoly. Potopoly? Marijuanopoly?
    Lol, idk.
  12. fucking awesome ColonelsPride, +rep for sure :D :smoke:
  13. Dude, that would be sweet. Fuckin have like AK-47 as Illinois and like schwag as whatever the hell that crappy purple place is nobody wants except people who just learned to play (see the correlation?). Get like head shops for railroads and smoking circle for community chest or something (You and a friend sell an eighth to some newbies! COLLECT $30 DOLLARS BITCH!). You could put pipes for houses and bongs for hotels.

    I'd buy it.
  14. Ya'll found the game... I don't hear one of you guys calling eachother out. :smoking:
  15. lol too baked, will get to it later

  16. Why not? they have a version for just about everything else....:smoke:
  17. LMAO

    ahhaha. The chance card: you found a stash of rainy day bud that you forgot about in your closet! Advance to go and take a bong rip on the way!
    : you were caught with a oz. and a resinated pipe. GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL.
    :You fucked up the rotation. You must skip your next turn.

    And the parking lot should be a Bob Marley concert. Baltic Avenue=DIRTY BROWN OVERPRICED SHWAG
  18. They'd obviously call it bongopoly...

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