Money Has Ruined My Life

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  1. When human beings are young and in the pre-adolescent stages of their evolution, they have basically no cares or whims. Then once you take that step into adulthood, the world seems to do a 180. Things matter that never mattered before take center circle. It is almost as if you have to mature or else you get left behind in the dust.

    One aspect of society and humanity that has caused me too much stress and anxiety is money. It really is the root of all evil. I never had aspirations of becoming a rich just was never me and probably never will be. And even if someday I became quite wealthy, I wouldn't buy 5 cars and a blinged-out mansion in the Hills. I would just buy a lot of weed haha.

    Seriously though, I feel like upon every move I make, cash stares me in the face. "Should I go out to eat? Should I buy another eighter? Should I save this ten dollar bill to pay off loans I needed for college?" With the economy and gas being ridiculous, things are not getting easier.

    I am not complaining. I consider this more of a therapeutic rant. I feel a little better I guess. That is all until I need to buy gas in three hours.

  2. Don't worry. You aren't alone. I'm in the same exact boat. Broke as a joke.
  3. I make pretty decent money and always seem to come up short.
    You are not alone. Hang in there.
  4. I know I'm not alone. But isn't just sort of ironic in a comedic way how the biggest morons in society (Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, etc.) have all the money in the world. That is what ultimately pisses me off. If you have money you are golden, but if you don't then you are pretty much fucked.
  5. I'm so broke it's not funny. I have $0 to my name, no joke. But I just got a job, so things should start looking up. Definitely going to be making a lot compared to having nothing and now I'm smarter about conserving my money and such. I won't be spendng it on anything unneccesary (except buds and booze haha) so I'm hoping to be able to save up enough to get back to school soon. I really hate money though, I would be so much happier without it. Always working and not having time for fun, or having to much time but not enough money for fun. You can't win.
  6. well i think it's time to get a dollar from the pops. need me a cigar. black and mild. maybe i'll get a wine flavored one.
  7. Bluntzilla, I agree with you 100%.

    Fuck money. Seriously. Such a bunch of bullshit. I wanna be 5 again...
  8. Man I only have $65 to my name right now and no job. Shit blows for sure.


    The function, of, that police action,
    Those interventions in Central America and the Middle East,
    The function is system sustaining.
    It is to maintain that overall system.
    And you don't look at the particular cost.
    I can demonstrate to you that every single bank robbery,
    That in every single case practically,
    the cost of the police was more then the actual money
    that the robbers took from the bank.
    Does that mean, oh you see?
    There's really no economic interest involved in it.
    They're not protecting the banks!
    The police are just doing this because they're on a power trip,
    or they're macho, or uh they're control freaks.
    That's why they do it. No! Of course it's an economic,
    of course they're defending the banks.
    Of course, because if they didn't stop that bank robbery, regardless of the cost,
    This could jeopardize the entire banking system.
    You see, there are people who believe that the function of the police is to fight crime.
    And that's not true, the function of the police is social control,
    and protection of property.


    I am sick and tired and my money's always spent,
    And though their jobs are killing me, their money pays my rent.
    The fuel of world hate, although it's just a seed,
    But when it grows and flowers, it becomes the world's greed!

    Money for the rich, money for the fed,
    God supplies the money and God supplies the dead!
    And when yer dead and ready, "exploited" be thy name,
    'Cause after you have money, things are never quite the same!

    I don't care for money, and money's not for me,
    The money fueled this empire and our racist history.
    Although I'm forced to use it, the rules have all been set.
    But life is not worth living when yer soul is in debt!

    Money for the rich, money for the fed,
    God supplies the money and God supplies the dead!
    And when yer dead and ready, "exploited" be thy name,
    'Cause after you have money, things are never quite the same!
    Never quite the same!


  10. me too man...

    me and my family literally have 0 dollars.

    shits fucked.
  11. I agree with you 100% as well. I remember when I was a kid I just wanted to be some kind of rich big wig, but once I finally had to grow up I realized that I just want to be happy. Whenever I think about money it just pisses me off because some people have it and some people don't. It is pretty much what our world revolves around, but money can buy happiness for some people. I'm just not one of them. I would like a good amount though:D
  12. i fucking hate money. but i need it to survive. it's hard not to get tempted by dreams of life where money aint a thing. it's a disease
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    yea, when money becomes a necessity instead of a luxury (aka becoming an adult/having bills and not just getting money to spend on whatever it is you want)

    is when life realy starts to suck a dick

    and for me money would buy happiness, not even a shit ton of money, if i could pay the shit i need to pay and still have some money to do shit with instead of being short all the time, i'd be happy, cuz lack of money to do what i gotta do is the only thing that stresses me out, in fact its my only stress
  14. The most fucked up thing is that the shittiest jobs pay the least money. Its completely unrewarding to be poor in most situations.
  15. Feel motivated to do a great job, now?
  16. It is hard to find a good job that actually pays a living wage without having to work like 50 hours a week. I get $850 a month from the government for being 18 and going to school so I can move out. Not exactly enough to live easily off of, but it is enough to get by nicely with only having to work minimal hours.
  17. well, imagine how much money you would have if you DID work.
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    We're living in shitty times. Our money's worth nothing, our government takes our tax dollars and misuses them, our so-called (unconstitutional) income tax goes wholly to paying off our debt to a PRIVATE bank.

    The causes of my servitude can be traced to their tyranny.
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    I feel ya guys, i have no job atm and owe my mom about $600. So I'm -$600 but waiting to get in BC Hydro which has union pay so ill be making $25 an hour when i do get in which prob wont be for another 3-4 months. Even when i have money i was still alot happier when i was a kid of course but we all got to mature a little.
  20. Money is not everything. Don't let money control control your damn money.

    It's damn simple. Patience + motivation + determination = make money.

    You can make money with a simple $12/hour job if you build an IRA and are determined to move up in scales if you find a decent office/administrative/whatever genre job you desire.

    There are so many can go on a whim and try to learn about internet marketing, MLM's, creating your own small business, doing freelance article writing, freelance web designing, selling extra shit around the house, finding a random scheme to go to CraigsList free stuff section pick up shit worth $ and reselling on ebay and rip them off with an extra $15 s/h for an instant profit.

    there are so many opportunities and people are just blind.

    by the way, i earned $160 today :) and i did not do a single thing but smoke about 7 blunts today, ate out at red robin, hookah'd out, and drove around hella & skateboarding..

    god damn im high. hehe

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