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    i really want to gain photographic skills so any constructive criticism is welcome. so what do you all think?







  2. i really like the first picture, the way the light hits the trees and changes its colour is awsome :p
  3. im no pro, but heres my input. as for the first picture , try and adjust your shot to keep things out of the background like the vehicles. as for shooting trees, i like being as close and low as possible. it gives them the perspective of being tall and strong, which trees usually are.
    hope this helps. keep shooting.
  4. yeah im lousy at isolating my subject when i have to from its background. thanks for the tip i'll definately keep it in mind.
  5. I think your choices when it comes to black and white is outstanding :smoke: Also your pictures are very diverse, I think that's cool.
  6. thanks yeah b/w is always easier just cause the fact that it is b/w adds its own touch of sophistication er w/e
  7. nice, I liked the photos with people.

  8. I like a lot of them, great work. I just don't really get into the blurry style you have going on with the couple of the tree/nature pictures...but it's your style man and it's all good.
  9. The lighting on the second picture is really nice, maybe a little over exposed but it still looks good.

    It's nice to see some film shots. What are you shooting with?
  10. wow i had to look at the second pic again. I though it was on fire.
    But i like all the photos, you getting into a fun hobby
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    haha a canon rebel t2, its my first camera and it only looks like that cause of the scanner the print looks alot better.

    edit: to matt/h yeah it is a cool really cool hobby especially when i get to go shoot in the city, which im not really good at but im working on it.
  12. I'm guessing that these were shot with a manual then scanned? If so then maybe they're a bit blurry because of the scanner but if not I think you should work on just making sure your subject is in focus. When I was starting out in HS I would take a picture that I looked like it was in focus but when I enlarged the print I would see that It wasn't perfectly focused..So now when I shoot manual or digital I always focus once then unfocus then focus again.. by focusing the second time I usually get it perfect...Other then that something else you wanna keep in mind is when your shooting people make sure you get all of their head in frame...with the last picture especially the woman has this shocking blue hair and a plain white top...wouldn't it have been nicer to see all of her hair and less of her shirt? just my 2cents.
  13. yeah they are blurry from the scanner but thanks for the tip on focusing. and yeah the thing about that picture was that he/she was in motion so i didnt really get the time to really frame her as well as i should have.
  14. i like the first five a lot.
    you're really good.
  15. I think I want to bang girl in #3.
  16. thanks its good to hear that

    been there done that
  17. because of the statement in your first post im gonna be blunt and honest.

    They are ok. not spectacular but definitely not bad. I think if you wanted to just take some cool shots you have succeeded but if you want to better your photographic skills i think you need to shy away from a couple of things.

    First read. Read books, articles, manuals, anything. However, you obviously need to always be shooting and as you read, do. This is to learn how to control your camera to the fullest extent. Photos 2,4,5 & 7 are all overexposed. Now of course you can use overexposing for artistic effect but i think you first need to learn how to get the proper exposure then play. I think its important to try and not be artsy and try to take technically good pictures. Then develop your style. IMHO

    You ready for the secret of photography (and most art)? right here. get ready. Learn all the rules and perfect them. Once you have perfected them, break them.

    My favorite of the bunch is def. #5. i like it a lot. I also like seeing film being used. Ive always loved film.

  18. thanks for your honesty its really why i made the thread to get tips from others with more experience. i think the scanner makes them look more overexposed than they really are but i'll definately keep what you said in mind. the thing is that they guy in charge of the course i took decided to teach it backwards. shoot first and look at the technical side later, so really i dont know any of the rules or w/e. yeah 5 is my favorite, makes me want to look into photo journalism.
  19. never put the focus of your picture in the dead center of the frame
  20. yea man. That really good your taking a course. I know some teachers like to have people shoot first then they go look at it and show whats wrong and how to fix it. Its a good way to learn. Photo journalism is great. Story telling with a camera and it keeps you where the action is!

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