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    Just wondering if there are any other "stay at home moms" of young kids.
    How do you do as a parent after smoking?
    Do you hide it like I do? :hide:
    And whether you do or you don't have kids. What's your opinion on stay at home parents who smoke?

  2. this is exactly why i wear a condom. if you have young kids, you definitely don't want to smoke around them because they will think that it is okay to do at a really young age. But you should tell your kids because they will find out anyway, and that will be an even more akward conversation if they just catch you getting high or find your stash or papers/bongs
  3. but i grew up around aalott of alcohol and i didn't start really drinking until my late teens. i think smoking weed around kids would be the same? just like ciggarettes. i mean you probably shouldn't rip the bong in front of your kid but just like you probably shouldn't be doing tequila shooters infront of them either. i was exposed to both an turned out ok. yea i now partake in both but that was kind of inevitable. i think it has to do more so with how you educate them on it then using it in front of them.

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  4. true, but you are one person. I am just saying that overall, i don't think kids should be exposed to that kind of a lifestyle until they are old enough to have a much more clearer understanding of the consequences of their behavior.
  5. I'm starting to feel more and more alone... :hide:
    But there is that huge stigma about stoner moms not wanting to come out... I understand. :(
  6. stoner moms are hot.
    Why do you say they don't want to come out?
  7. For fear of judgment or getting their children taken away.
  8. when i have kids, my partying and weed days will definitely be over. just wouldn't feel right imo
  9. Over a plant lol. Yeah life sucks.
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    [quote name="cutencarefree" post="19417840" timestamp="1390862362"]stoner moms are hot. [/quote]Mmm aint that the truth
  11. My wife was a stay at home stoner mom and has done a wonderful job at raising our son. She would smoke while he was napping or in bed at night, never while he was awake. You can be a stoner and still be a wonderful parent to your kids.

    I dont do drugs, I set plants on fire and breathe.
  12. Just a shout out to all you cool cute stoner mom's!     What can I say, I've got a serious soft spot for the MILFs.......    ;)
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    I am not a parent but I am going to decide to continue smoking when i'm married. I love playing Thomas The Train with my baby cousin stoned lolol. Makes everything tolerable.
  14. My wife and I have 2 sons, 24 and 26, although she doesn't smoke I do...and I thought I could hide it from them...haha, don't waste your time, my kids knew I smoked by the time they were 5 or 6....
  15. I am a stay at home mom. I only vaporize at this point, and only when my son is sleeping. I only let people very close to me know I smoke. I keep it SUPER secret. I am too scared of CPS and losing custody of my lil guy to take any chances.
    Cool how old is your son?
    That's great! :hello:
  18. He is 2.5 cutest little fucking thing ever haha
  19. I'm a stay at home mom of a four year old boy. I hide my smoking from strangers but my family all know I do. I'm the same parent when I smoke that I am when I don't. One who just misplaces things lol I don't smoke I'm front of him though, we have a designated spot. I'm the one who chooses to smoke not him, so I keep it away

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